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Help for High Score saving on Kawaks?

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Hullo there!


I'm currently using Kawaks 1.47b to play mainly Neogeo roms, and I'm wondering if it is possible to save high scores. There doesn't seem to be a HISCORE dir and file capacity such as those found in NeorageX. Does this mean Kawaks does not enable users to save their high scores?


Thanks in advance!

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Zombie-thread GO :msnwink:


Sup. I could not get my hiscore saved in Kawaks, nor finding the solution on the internets


Jesus... this is quite the thread bump. Over 10 years later :lol:....


Okay, first things first -- why are you using kawaks? Why not use MAME? I'm sure that emulator will save your hiscores with no problem.

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Thanks Alpha.

I got used to Kawaks since the oldies time when computers was slow...

thanks Robert, nice they've got even a special fork-version for that.

Tried got again into MAME - man, it's hell of a problems. Tried diffirent versions and every got it's stuff



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