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Singularity HD Skin


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Singularity HD 720 for Final Burn Consoles.

I only use it for NeoGeo and CPS Changer roms so the skin reflects this.

Already configured for 3d BoxArt.


Link to download is available at a site where they make Emulator Xtras.

Xtras are media (video's, BoxArt, Artwork, Configs, etc) for your emulators.


Sorry bout the pics, im shit with my old camera.

Notice the excellent motion blur on the video's :D





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New updated Option screen, full 1280x720.

Old options screen still included for those who view super large images from the emulators GUI image viewer option.

I is a 640x480 option.png which is called "image viewer option.png".

This would need renaming to "option.png" and the HD "option.png" would need deleting or renaming.


The link to this skin can be found where all Xtras for emulators can be found.

No links on these pages unfortunately so try Googling "emulator Xtras".

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