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Final Burn Consoles 1.0

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Final Burn Consoles 1.0


This was originally going to be something I put together just for my own use but as others expressed interest in the idea I decided to release it. Final Burn Consoles is a build of Final Burn Legends that contains only drivers for the home console systems currently supported by FBA; the Sega Genesis, the Neo Geo AES console, and the Capcom CPS Changer. FBC is optimised to provide as authentic a recreation as possible of playing games on these systems. Please see the FAQs below for more information.








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Sega Genesis Features:


- Genesis driver based on PicoDrive.


- Restored all Genesis games that were removed in FBL1.4 and many more

from the HazeMD set have been added.


- Super Bubble Bobble added and working.



Neo Geo features:


- Runs in console mode only giving access to AES-specific features in

many games (vs. mode, training mode, options etc.).


- Japan AES bios or Universe bios are also selectable.


- Select button mapped to Xbox Back. (Pauses game)


- ROMset consists only of games that were officially released as AES

cartridges and, where possible, AES cartridge ROMs are used.



CPS Changer features:


- Supports both available CPS Changer ROMsets (sfzch, wofch). For the

other 10 released games CPS1 sets in freeplay mode have been used until

genuine CPS Changer dumps become available.


- Pause button mapped to Xbox Back in Street Fighter Zero.





Question: What's the point of this? Can't I just do the same thing by playing with settings in FBL?


Answer: Yes. But this is for people that like the idea of having a separate emulator for the home console variants of these systems.



Question: How is the Genesis driver better than NeoGenesis?


Answer: It isn't. Although it probably runs some pirate cartridges that Neogenesis doesn't and I'm told the scanline filter is better.



Question: Why don't my FBL ROMs work?


Answer: Because FBC uses console ROM dumps where possible. These can be built from a full FBL set. Check the DATs provided in the tools\ folder.



Question: Why are some Neo Geo games missing?


Answer: Because not all Neo Geo MVS arcade games were released as AES home console cartridges.



Question: CPS Ch... Wha?!


Answer: The CPS Changer was Capcom's answer to the home Neo Geo. It played specially modified CPS1 cartridges of which only 12 were ever released. Use Google, there's a lot of good info available on this rare system.



Question: Why use only one emulator? Why not just take a bunch of existing Xbox emulators and patch them into the FBL UI?


Answer: Don't be stupid.




Binaries and sourcecode in the usual places.



Many thanks to:

nes6502 and everyone involved in the creation of FBA and FBL.

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