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Final Burn Consoles anyone?

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Sounds great to me - I'm also a big fan of keeping arcade and consoles separately.


Although some games are similar (conversions), arcades are focused on short-bursts of play (tring to keep your 50p alive!), whereas console games can be much deeper, with each play lasting much longer.

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i like that idea,i remember just before nes6502 released the original port of fbl he released a sega only arcade hardware version called final burn.

this is nota request just more curiosity but could fbl actually emulate other console hardware like say the snes or sega master system?

In theory, FBL could emulate other consoles. In fact FBANext already has a SNES driver in the sourcecode; I did try implementing it into a build of FBL just to see if it would work and all I got was a black screen when launching games. But I don't have the facilities to run FBANext so for all I know it may not work there either.


nes6502's port of Final Burn is interesting because it uses an entirely different core for the games it supports, allowing them to run much faster at the expense of accuracy. This is still the best emulator to use for Sega X and Y board games like Power Drift and Rail Chase.



a mame emu with fbl gui... oh wait, you said it could emulate other consoles... oops.




anyways... would another romset for these roms need to be made or could we use exisiting sets. i have the xtra's set. i think that the rom set for fba had the zip files renamed similar to mame. for example: "sonic the hedgehog 2.zip" is used in neogenesis and i think fba/mame had "sonic2.zip"


if we could use existing sets it would help in the "hard-drive space" area.

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