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CoinOPS PSX games


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I understand where your coming from and I appreciate your honesty about the topic being shakey.... But then this should also apply to every thread with Bigby's Signature on it and BP's signature on his old account too, Plus any possible links to EmuXtra's and any links with Images of copyright game charachters, Templates, Skins, Marquee's and other Copyright stuff... A lot of peoples Avatars even.... We could go on forever !


The games I own I put on the blog. These are from my own collection of originals which is where I get them. (With the exception of Thrill Kill but I do own Wu Tang)

All of which is irrelevant. I'm not making a point about the ethical nature of what you're posting, I'm simply saying it's stepping pretty close to where the line is drawn in terms of the board rules. There are no rules against using images of copyright characters but there is a rule about providing links to sites that link to ISOs which trev1976 has broken.


I agree that any signature links of this sort should also be removed, but it's my understanding that promoting other forums is not allowed here anyway.



Fair enough, I miss understood your point original poit a little.... There are links to other sites (Cough :D xtras) that house ISO' etc in other threads on here :D

Dont get me wrong Im a member over at xtra's too and like there work.... Also like everyone else have lots of "bootleg stuff"


anyway point taken :)

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