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FBL 1.4 pixel perfect ini discussion

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Yes, this should do the trick for most of the systems presented in FBL rom list. CPS1 and CPS2 have all the very same width x height, except for Mercs and another one that is rotated, if I remember well.


Cave has its size, Psyko has it too...


But thing gets problematic in NeoGeo, since the "official" documentation out there in sites and forums preach NeoGeo as 320x224 screen size games, however there are many titles that are 304x224, verified and tested by me and few other comrades.


So, there are some different variables to take care off...

It couls be wonderful to be able to open a game ALREADY in pixel perfect, right from a clean install... just like CoinOPS, but I think this could be a devilish job.

The horizontal size of Neo Geo games isn't a problem to me because, on real hardware only the vertical size is fixed to the 'pixel perfect' value. The horizontal is different on every monitor. So for FBL defaults I only need to correct the vertical height. It currently defaults to 448 as 224 is the most common vertical resolution in the supported games, so most games will look right with scanlines. But Cave for example uses 240 so this core will need to have it's height adjusted to fix the scanlines.


FBL's video code is a completely different story to MAMEoX. The only way to achieve a 'pixel perfect' setting for every game would be to have the emulator check the hardware flag when starting a game and adjust the size accordingly. The problem with this is that there are many different hardware flags that would need to be factored in and I would need to know the 'pixel perfect' screen sizes for all of them. Plus it could potentially cause so many problems so I don't think it's something I'd be keen to pursue.



If you say me that this idea will not interfere or destroy the current INIs I am already using, this will be no problem at all. If you apply this new system, will my actual INIs (already set in pixel perfect and scanlines goold as gold) keep working normally?

Most of them would still be fine. Any games that use 224 vertical resolution would not be changed (that includes all Neo Geo, CPS, PGM, and more). In fact it's probably only Cave games and rotated games for now that would be affected by this. Even if I left all the standard 4:3 games as they are, the 3:4 size definitely needs to be corrected.



By the way, I am sending you a PM with *all* my inis.

Please try some different vertical games to see how me and PhilExile use to play.


I bet you will dislike our settings for vertical games (with cropped data out of the screen) but I personally prefere to play this way instead of playing the image blurry and shrink-ed on a very small screen.


Please test:

- Battle Garegga

- Donpachi

- PacMan

- GunSmoke

- Vigilante

- Twin Hawk




Thanks for those. I don't actually have a 720p setup but the screen values should stay the same regardless of the HD mode so I'm assuming these will work in 480i/p as well.

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