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Bluemsxbox Bluemsx Emulator Port For Xbox V5


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Bluemsxbox Bluemsx Emulator Port For Xbox V5



BlueMSXBox BlueMSX Emulator port for XBox v5



Special thanks....



X-port for porting a great collection of emu's over to the xbox, releasing the source code, and answering my stupid questions.


Atariage (Albert in particular) - For providing a place for me to ramble on. For encouragement in general.


Wimpy and Perr - For also providing a place for me to ramble and to make my goods available. :)


RessurectionX for all that Xtra's stuff, synopsis, suggestions, etc.


Gilou9999 for a new HD skin, his PM3 skin, synopsis, suggestions, etc.


Bombbloke for converting the BlueMSX cheat codes to a format my code uses.


Bigby for working thru the tortuous process of doing Xtras for the MSX and noticing alot of longstanding issues with BlueMSXxbox.


Cbagy for coughing up some 3d boxart for the MSX Xtras.


Xtras team for comments and suggestions especially concerning the new Dummy/Lockdown mode settings, and lock game screen options.


Comments of support from various interested parties.


If I missed anybody shoot me an email and I'll update this file.




*** Notes regarding The Xtras ***



Gilou created a new HD skin for 720p users. Check it out.


Sometimes starting or getting a game going can be confusing. Here were my observations that might be helpful.


Alot of times pressing A will get a game going. If that dont work try Y. Some games prefer a function key be pressed to start. Just bring up the onscreen keyboard and select that function key.


The numbers 1-4 are mapped to the right analog pad. 1 = RA up, 2 = RA left, 3 = RA right, 4 = RA down. 0 is mapped to white.


F1-F4 are mapped to holding left trigger and the right analog pad. F1 = LT+RA Up, F2 = LT+RA Left, F3 = LT+RA Right, F4 = LT+RA down. F5 is mapped to black.


There are some games where you have to hold either CTRL or SHIFT to load them. Just hold down black for these games to work. These games are noted in the compatibility spreadsheet and the games synopsis.




*** Changes To Bluemsx Core ***



* Save/Load States for MSX1 machines now work.


* Fixed an issue where the emulator would lock up after running a certain number of games. A reproducable bug, but complicated enough to make reproducing difficult.. :)


* If no configuration save exists for a game and the game is found in the config DB the emulator will now just use that configuration without asking and go straight into the game. If you feel the urge to edit a games configuration when this happens just press X next time you select the game.


* Cart, Disk, and Cassette entries were not being cleared on new game setup. Thus causing lockups, and carts being run instead of a disk if you ran a disk game with no configuration after running a cart game.




*** To Do For Bluemsx ***



* Find out why some translated games wont work.


* Some games (pinball) use the left shift key. Find some way to map that key in the controller configuration screen.


* (considerations) no one ever reported back to me concerning overscan. I was thinking of just adding in a "set overscan area" option.




*** Coming soon (or later) ***



* Multi language support.




*** Dummy/Lockdown Mode Settings ***



This is a new feature which means lots of changes in regards to the menu interface and a bunch of internal stuff. :)


There is a new menu option in the "Configuration" screen called "Dummy/Lockdown Mode Settings" menu options in this screen are.


"Full Fledged Lock Down Mode?" (Yes/No)

-> This activates all options and sets them all to Yes or if they are on it will deactivate them and set them all to No.


"Password Protect?" (No, Configuration Only, Skin Menu Only, Configuration & Skin Menu)

-> Password is 10 buttons presses max. Acceptable buttons are A, B, X, Y, WHITE, BLACK, BACK, Dpad Up, Dpad Down, Dpad Left, Dpad Right, L3 and R3. Password is stored (non encrypted) in the .ini file for those of you who set it and forgot what it is. It even has a nice key to tell you what the characters mean.. :D


"Change/Set Password"

-> Why change or set the password of course!


"Change/Set In Game mapping useage prevention"

-> This allows you to deactivate in game mapping settings that may be defined in a games controller settings. This will also disable any related "In Game Menu" options. See below for the list.


"Prevent user from adding/removing favorites?" (Yes/No)

-> If you dont like people mucking around with your favorites list on the game select or favorites menu, set this to Yes.


"Prevent removal of save configuration files?" (Yes/No)

-> Keeps people from pressing black and erasing all your hard work configuring games. :)


"Prevent user from pressing X to configure game?" (Yes/No)

-> Keeps people from going in and mucking up your wonderful game configuration setup that you spent hours tweaking. ;)


"Ask Before Moving to Garbage Dir?" (Yes/No)

-> Same as before.. just moved here and removed from the general settings menu.


"Keep user Within ROM Directory Tree?" (Yes/No)

-> Same as before.. just moved here and removed from the general settings menu.


"Allow Skin Access" - (Full Access, Select Skin & Load Configuration Only, No Access PERIOD!)

-> This will allow you to limit the user to just selecting the skin or skin configurations. Slight overlap with the password protect option.


"Lockout In Game Menu (Hold Back To Exit Game)" (Yes/No)

-> Wanna keep the user out of the In Game Menu? This option is for you! Gamer needs to only hold "BACK" down for 4 seconds to exit the game.



--- In Game mapping useage prevention ---



This allows you to deactivate in game mapping settings that may be defined in a games controller settings. It's use should be pretty obvious. This will also disable any related "In Game Menu" options.


"Prevent All On List?" (Yes/No)

"Prevent in game Sfx Volume Adjustment?" (Yes/No)

"Prevent in game Bgm Volume Adjustment?" (Yes/No)

"Prevent in game Rewind and Rewind Toggling?" (Yes/No)

"Prevent in game Fast Forward?" (Yes/No)

"Prevent in game Slowdown?" (Yes/No)

"Prevent in game Save/Load/Save State Slot Changing?" (Yes/No)

"Prevent in game Screenshots?" (Yes/No)

"Prevent in game Auto-Screenshot Capture Mode?" (Yes/No)

"Prevent in game Filter Changing?" (Yes/No)

"Prevent in game Music Control Menu Use?" (Yes/No)

"Prevent in game Playback and Recording?" (Yes/No)

"Prevent in game Media Browser Useage?" (Yes/No)




*** Interface Related Changes ***



* Fixed issue where Popup msg window was messing up transitions.


* Screen size and position settings werent always being restored properly this primarily affected emu's that use preset controllers and in particular games defined as using a particular preset controller.


* Tweaked the synopsis word wrap so the left/right margins are a little more even.


* File select now has the ability to filter extensions. Mostly useful for me... :(


* Set Game Screen Size/Position now has the same options as "Override Game Screen Size (Global)". So you can use these when setting Game Screen Size position in game or from the main menu.

-> Options are "Full screen" ( +/- 20 or so on top/bottom/left/right of screen), "Size to Fit (Keep Ratio)", "Pixel Perfect", and "Custom". In some case "Size to Fit and Pixel Perfect" are the same (depends on system emulated).


* Removed Text screensize/position menu options since this is now set based on the video mode used by the games.


* Fixed Screenblur when displaying on screen keyboard. For good this time.. :)


* Modified many menus so while in IGM only relevant menu's are displayed. (Too many to mention)


* New filename sort code. Filenames should sort properly. No more need to add a I, II, or III to filenames to get them to sort right! Works in favorites too!


* Fixed bug where viewing the synopsis in the in-game menu, and then going back to the favorites list could cause a crash.


* Now only displays valid available video modes (set in yer xbox dash) in the "Video Mode" select screen.


* "Lock Game Screen Size For All Games" added. Options are "Full screen" ( +/- 20 or so on top/bottom/left/right of screen), "Size to Fit (Keep Ratio)", "Pixel Perfect", and "Custom".


* The interface now keeps track of all screen size settings for all video modes. This is for all individual games. It will also auto adjust the size for all video modes if "Override Game Screen" is activated in some form. This also opens up the possibility of allowing different video modes for different games.


* Minimum sound volume bumped up to something more reasonable. That way if you do accidently lower the volume it wont take as long to get it back. :D


* Media browser will properly back out now if you are in a ZIP file and press B to exit out.


* Numerous fixes to prevent controller button presses from making their way back to the game when you are done (still needs some work)


* Fixed lockup when viewing a certain number of FAQs or the same FAQ several times. Stupid me forgot to dealloc the buffer after exiting.


* Fixed lockup that would occur when you tried to edit a action replay cheat code.


* Fixed problem where you could get stuck in the media browser and not get out (happened when you had media browser mapped to a key)


* Remove all the annoying questions when you switch to 480p and higher video modes. X-port code has detected and auto switched to lower resolutions for some time now. If someone could verify this for me just to be sure. :P


* Modified the media browser so that when viewing images (e.g. manuals or maps) that it will try reverting to 480p in order to view the image if it will not load at 720p or higher.


* Synopsis now displays properly in the "In game menu"


* Loop movies option (Yes/No) added.


* Fixed issue with wrong screen coming up when "Always display save state menu" is set to yes.


* Code for "action lists" mostly done. Here is a demonstration video that is slightly out of date. .

This feature is still a wip but is mostly functional.


* Improved the screenshot, box/cart art, and movie streaming to make browsing games a little smoother.


* Files within a zip now display sorted properly now.


* Fixed a couple goofs that prevented loading ROMS over a samba share.


* "Move Selected to the Garbage Folder?" now has a new option.. "Never Move". So "Yes" will ask before moving the selected file to the Garbage folder. "No" will just move the file and "Never Move" won't move the file at all.


* Pick -1 on "Seconds before playing movie" to set to 0 seconds. 0 will equal half a second.. 1 one second, and so on.


* User can now select which "cheat code database" they wan't to load since it seemed silly to mix codes for different cheat devices like AR, GG, etc into one file.


* Pressing the back key while viewing a games synopsis will toggle between a fixed font and the skins proportional font.


* Fixed long standing bug of YesNo Menu pop-up graphic not centering properly.


* Fixed a long standing bug in the favorites system. This one goes waaaaay back.


* Emulator should now work with 1.6 Xbox's super big thanks to FreakDave. 1.6 users let me know how this works for you.


* Fixed a problem where the media directory selected by the user replaced the wrong media directory. Again. Double Doi on me! :P


* Fixed the problem where the wrong synopsis description was showing when selecting a game in the favorites menu.


* Fixed odd bug where the opening movie and movies played full screen in the media browser would not display properly at 1080i




New SAMBA code from XBMC (See readme for more details)



thanks go to madmab and xport.


i have uploaded this to the usual places i post my downloads or just request a pm.

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Thanks for posting it here, fu :)


Huge thank you to Madmab for his tireless efforts in updating BlueMSXbox, while even working on several other emulators at the same time.


I also released the MSX Xtras to go with this emulator, hope you all know where to look for it :)


Note: I added Manbow 2, in the MSX 2+ non-working folder. Hopefully we can get this game to work in future. The M-Kai games are in the homebrew - disk folder.

Check out the Sonyc clone!


Also made a Top 50 collection folder, so check those games out for an overview of what the MSX has to offer. It's not really a Top 50 as such, but some games worth trying.

Edited by Bigby
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From what I've read, laserdisc games only work with OpenMSX emulator. They are not yet fully supported in BlueMSX.


The core used in BlueMSXbox is version 1.4.0 of the PC version, so does not even have turboR support.

Edited by Bigby
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