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NestopiaX v1.2 Released.


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NestopiaX v1.2.

originally ported by ne6502 and updated by XtecuterX73.


release info.

This is an update to nestopia 1.1x which fixes the flip filter that

made other filters flip backwards too. Flip filter is now it's own

individual setting.


Nestopiax now loads fds as the real thing did! when selecting

an fds game from the rom menu it will load into the fds bios

screen which did not get a chance to display in previous

iterations of nestopiax.


**added an option to "Insert FDS disk". THis is the option you

need to pick to load the game. It can be found in general options

once you select your fds game.


This option simply simulates inserting the disk into the fds disk slot.


I wanted to get this out here soon since filters like none, simple 2x

and others were botched in the last release.


it will be a little bit before another release is made, however be

assured there are plans for more releases. as for what they are,

well, that's a suprise! :) work continues~!


also included is another small update the xml database which

includes an entry for dragon scroll patched. the ips patch can

be found on romhacking.net


***Huge thanks to +T+ for his help with the flip filter.****




thanks go to nes 6502 for originally porting this to xbox,XtecuterX73 for updating it and everyone involved..


The best nes emu on xbox just got better,if you want to downlaod this then you can grab it at the usual sites where i post my uploads of emus for xbox.or just send me a pm.

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Thanks fu! And thanks robert for nice words. I couldn't leave a half assed

Update out for too long. I polished it off and made the release last night. I

have more plans in store but wanted to get this out to you guys soon!


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Lots of developing going on here lately. Just like the old days. Nice job. :)


yea its nice to be a part of it too. this ol box can still do so much more im sure. :(


and also thanks to you for helping me get the filter issue fixed friend! :) as for today, its all about the games!!! lol.

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your welcome to everyone. glad you guys enjoy it.


as for your question JLsoft, yes i have considered that, however i had to factor before making the release whether people would also flip the controls, i decided for the time being that making them separate would be more practical because not everyone will use the flipped controls when using the flipped filter, its more of a challenge not flipping the controls, and i think some people want that new challenge. lol.


it is something that i am and will get back to at some point, just for the time being i figured it'd be best to do it this way. :(


HF- aka XT- :)

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