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Summer games drought up on us


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I watched the first two videos and it looks like a suck fest.

Oh my GAWD! I should power up, fly my ass so fast to England the ocean splits ala Moses... & punch you with all the kinetic force I built up and vaporize your indignant ass. Super Metroid Redesign is like mana from heaven you fool! How awesome is Super Metroid? Only one of the BEST GAMES OF ALL TIME!!! How awesome would it be to play again... and not know where anything is?! Im not talking about changing the location of items... more than that, they changed the MAP, they changed every room, not just the item placement, the topographical design, size, shape, scope of each and every room. They even made enemies more or less resistant to various weapons so you actually have to switch weapons to stay ahead of the game... no getting the next weapon and only using it until the next upgrade. This method is tactical and enhances the difficulty. The gravity has changed, literally. At first it feels wrong but the new mechanics test your platforming skills, its yet another factor that makes the game awesome.


This game is the closest you will get to a masters version. You gotta have actual skill to get shit done. Its the same awesomeness... but its new again and an actual challenge.


The game is beyond your comprehension. Anyone who loves Super Metroid will be hard pressed to say this version isnt any good. Play it for Fuck sake... it takes no time to grab a SM rom, unzip, and place the tiny file in it. The game is new again, what else can ANYONE ask for...



I like your directness and will try this game.

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