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Good news everyone!


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Thanks iq_32

Amazing to think we will play Martial masters, and knights of valour 2 on our xbox 1 lol

So coooooll !!!

If I get called IQ_32 again I quit. Only 50% joking.

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I remember this thread well id just joined the scene around this time after years of lurking around :-)

as an arcade fan it really was exciting everyday brought news of great new games playable for the 1st time on the xbox

these would be included in FBL 1.4 the 1st update this emu had gotten for quite some time

less than a year later ddp2 and demon front were also added to the mix

halcyon days for sure thx to IQ_132 Nes kenshiro +T+ destronger and everyone else who helped make my FBL

arcade emulation dreams come true

not much happening arcade wise on the xbox just now hopefully things will pick up at some point

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