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Good news everyone!


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You utter genius.


Question: how come the old xbox can run this stuff at that speed, but stuff like rdft is (I'm under the impression) just never going to happen?


Edit: oh, I'd also be interested to know why you're using FBA - is there some technical reason that it just won't happen at all on FBL 1.3, or are you working up to that?

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Good news indeed for all of us. Many many thanks iq. :)


And to those expressing concern that it's FBA-XXX shown in the video, don't worry. I can assure you all that the code works wonderfully in FBL as well. :)

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Edit: wait, just thought of another question. This is on a 64 xbox, right? Not 128?



Well I may as well let everyone here know that recently I've been working away on an update to Final Burn Legends. I've updated many core components to the latest PC version of FBA and am also using code from FBANext and from the truly skilled community over at the Neosource forums to try and add/fix as many games as possible. There's already a nice list games that are now working or had issues which are now fixed. And I've just added iq's PGM code which is running extremely well.


There are a few more fixes I want to implement before release, but it shouldn't be much longer now. Please don't request anything just now, when v1.4 is released I'll start a thread. Hopefully this will breathe some much needed life back into these forums. :)

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