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gamez fan

what year was your best in gaming

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mines 2007 knew nothing about emulators had a ps2 so in january decided to get a xbox and a gamecube to play some of the top exclusives idd missed and heres the games i played




god of war 2

tomb raider anniversary




oddworld strangers wrath

half life 2

ninja gaiden black

starwars knights of the old republic 1+2

jet set radio future


chronicles of riddick escape from butcher bay

panzer dragoon orta

project gothem racing



pikmin 1+2

legend of zelda wind walker

legend of zelda twilight princess

paper mario thousand year door

super mario sunshine


go on list the games you played in your best gaming year

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The year yoshis sialnd and ocarina of time were released springs to mind.

Basically any years of the Snes.


Butcher bay was a top game.

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1988 Commodore 64 gold memories :)


me and my mates all had a speccy 48k those were the days :) i mind the commie 64 crew youd all say my pcs got better graphics and music and we all said but the speccys got more games and and there a quid cheaper we must have been the original fanboys :)

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Cant remember the year but it was the year the Dreamcast came out!


I snuck downstairs and opened my Christmas present with a razor blade, swapped it for books and resealed the presents (so they "felt" right")


Then took my Dreamcast upstairs hidden in a bag it would be played secretly each night. On Christmas eve I put it back into the box and wrapper.


I'd completed ready 2 rumble boxing by Christmas day, what a game! the others were good too (some space combat sim game where the player was fighting for the "tigers" I forget the name but remember playing online with dial up!) My parent killed me when they realised and got the phone bill!


Actually reading back through that it seems I was a horrible child lol poor parents!

Edited by sbpaabck

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I come from a working class family and im the eldest of six children in a one parent family.

So you can imagine, money was real tight, most of the toys / clothes etc i had were second hand or hand me downs from wealthy cousins.

As a result we had a few second hand consoles, we had to share, as i grew up.

First i can recall was an AceTronic then i got a second hand TI99/4A for Christmas one year.

When i was 15 or 16 i bought myself a second hand Acorn Electron, which i still have in good working order.

Love that Electron and would normally say it would be my favourite BUT.

In around 1990 (im 20 and have an excellent paying job) i finally bought something brand new and for myself.

Oh yes i had just bought a MegaDrive with Castle of Illusion as the freebie game, waited for this pack as i didn't want the shitty Altered Beast as i wasn't impressed with it at the time.

I had cut outs of a MegaDrive in my locker at work for weeks while i was saving up.

Needless to say i've had every Sega machine since and spent an damn lot of money on that company.

Still have my Dreamcast too, what a great machine that really was.

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yeah, its a shame Dreamcast never reached its full potential, it was an amazing machine, even the VMU didn't have games developed for it like it should've :)


Still, at least you still hear of ppl who faithfully use/love their old dreamcasts to this day :)


I swapped mine for a PS2 in GAME, wish i'd kept it now....

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I'd have to say 1997 ( Sega Megadrive )

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