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The best emulated games of all time

retro gamer

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Street Fighter II (all versions including all the bootlegs some MAME cannot emulate ^_^ )

Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 (personally I found it annoying when RUN and COMBO was introduced, but new characters were welcomed)

Track n Field


TMNT (both)

Double Dragon (shame they got inventive and messed the controls up on double dragon 2, and 3 was just a joke too)

Bad Dudes Vs Dragion Ninjas

Street Fighter

Side Pocket (love the trick shots)

Turf Masters

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Splatterhouse !! (lots of money spent when i was a kid ^_^)

bad dudes vs dragoninja ^^ (same as splatterhouse)

all the Cave games , especially ESP Rade (my first PCB soon :D)

Sunset Riders

Shadow dancer



Comix Zone is so great !!


Pac Land


Exciting hour


"good games", i remembered playing them when i wasnt even 10...great memories



theres so many good games

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E.T. on the atari 2600!!!


it sucked then... and sucks now, even when emulated!!



oops... sorry, so used to putting negative comments here.

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chase hq

flying shark

metal slug 1-3

do don pachi

bonks adventure



operation wolf

double dragon



streets of rage series

sonic 1+2 sonic 3d

dynamite headdy

zombies ate my neighbours



final fight series

super mario world 2

super adventure island

legend of zelda

crono trigger

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