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Goodbye Guys and thanks for all the emus :)


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Hey everyone,


On a more human note I just wanted to say goodbye to everyone and to thank everyone for all the emulator fun and links that I enjoyed so much.


This site used to be a guilty pleasure while at work but soon changed into an obsession. I used this site and xbox-scene to explore xbox modding to the max and even churned out about 50 or so xboxes as my hobby grew. Nearly every one of my friends has an xbox special! There are lots of people out there enjoying all this stuff and they are grateful too.


In fact I got so into xboxes that I realised my life as an administrator had no meaning and was utterly shit. So I left my job (soooo happy since) went to college to study IT and have now got into University to study computer and network technologies.


What has this to do with this section? well if it wasnt for the ole xbox I would never have realised what I wanted to do with my life so in a wierd way I have all you guys to thank for making it all so interesting and giving me the idea to study IT.


Its a shame all the old faces are nearly all gone but that is what happens when under the rule of a dictatorship. TBH I am going to be too busy to trail all through BPs frankly wierd rantings anymore and after today have decided to quit before things get even worse.


Anyways enough negativity there, forget about that ;-)


I wish you all well in the future, it was fun pushing the xbox to the max and beyond!




Special props go to Fumanchu, this should be your forum man not BPs



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I miss a lot of the old faces too. Guys like Prican25, N3oGhost, djohng, kenshiro were all inspirational and I remember the great and supportive community of regulars that used to come here when this site was on the cutting edge of amateur development on the Xbox. I don't think anyone thing or person is entirely responsible for how it is now; things change and nothing lasts forever, all Xbox forums are quieter but this one I think has lost the most of it's valuable regular members. I'll still be sticking around though since I have a lot of love for this place, whatever becomes of it. ;-)

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Its a shame all the old faces are nearly all gone but that is what happens when under the rule of a dictatorship.


Tell me more about this 'dictatorship'.

There isn't any dictatorship. There was just a megalomaniac who occupied the ground in recent years. Just in case you haven't noticed. ;-)

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i understand what your talking about. i left for months last year and i even left the scene back in 2007, sold my modded xbox and my kid was born. but then the itch came back in 2009, got a new modded xbox and here i am.


i think we need to open a "AA" for this forum.



If you ever get another itch... we are always working on new things over at *snip*


mega man is right... you should head on over to







yet!! ;-)

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