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Ninja Gaiden 3 looks bad

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Yosuke Hayashi is now at the helm for this game, and from the start of the video you can tell that this game is very different. The costume has been slightly changed, which isn't a big deal. The fist thing to note are the new characters, Ryu now uses a mic to communicate, his voice has been changed, and now he appears to be fighting more robots and soldiers instead of demon ninjas and monsters. The gameplay is filled with quick time events, which I am hearing is actually a form of a tutorial, but it's a rumor right now.


Wall climbing looks tedious, I know they were trying to bring it back from the original trilogy but wall jumping was just fine. Instead of Obliteration Techniques, you have these QTEs that slash through enemies, while there is no sign of dismemberment. The difficulty looks like a joke, and all of the scripted gameplay, "stealth", just don't fit in, it's obvious. Sorry Itagaki, we are disappointed. Team Ninja, fix before release.

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I think it looks rather stunning, and the gameplay seems good enough. You are looking at the game game from behind NG2-tinted glasses, no doubt. And that's fine at this point. If you ask me, NG3 shouldn't have exactly the game gameplay elements as NG2 did, even though those elements worked really well for NG2. Besides, if this is the first stage of the game, and a tutorial no less, then I see no problem with mechanical enemies and soldiers. I really don't think the developers will ditch ninjas and demons, they have always been at the core of Ninja Gaiden since the beginning.


As far as Obliterations go (or the lack of them), you need to remember that even in NG(S)2, Obliteration Techniques were also actually QTEs, you just didn't see the button prompt on-screen. Who knows, maybe dismemberments are something that are introduced later in the game. Even if there won't be any true dismemberments, there's enough blood in this demo and good camera angles to make up for that, at least in my mind. Then again, what we may see here is a sort of censorship that was present in the Japanese version of NG(S)2, in which you can't dismember human enemies at all, only the demons.


I've never had any problems with QTEs, unless they appear at the frequency of Ninja Blade.I have no problem with tiny stealth sections sprinkled here and there, provided that the enemies don't have superhuman hearing and that the devs don't build entire levels just for stealth. After all, Ninja Gaidens have always been about "in your face" fast and brutal killing of multiple enemies.


As for the lower difficulty, the developers started very early on, that NG3 would be more accessible to new players, which usually means lowered difficulty. They also went on saying that despite this, NG3 would feature difficulty levels on par with the prior NG games.

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