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Nintendo 64 Now in 720P


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OK ive started assembling packs for N64 now.....hope the sureal one comes out soonish so I can grab the videos or else ill have to spend a day to create them :) but testing will come soon....then next week ill add the arcade fixes and also the new GUI stuff for 2.1....


after that it can be released and ill get onto PSX and also tweak N64 some more....


what do you guys think of Mario 64 in HD its kind of nice looking I think

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I notice the games in there arnt the ones with issues in HD :) a bit of work is needed to get some running and not just tweaking the memory as well...the cores need a bit of work unfortunatly :)


anyways strike ill give you a test soon...ill release a best of pack with the games that work well in 2.1 and then ill fix some others later on...im getting fimiliar with the sources now...im about to tear about the way things are done as its kind of not working well from a core point of view to make it automatic...some minor changes but they will break the old sources alot...


yeah and I like it in HD as well


ok ill get in contact tonight

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bit of an issue is when I detect any differences in the game configure it rescans automatically unlike surreal today....so I update the list to the new drivers when you play Nintendo on CoinOPS then when you go into surreal you have to manauly scan again by looks....im wondering if I can be arsed fixing this for people that use manual builds....ill give it a go but it not piority...will people use both much?

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I think it would be appropriate to give people a choice as to which emulator they want to use for 64 games. Or if people want to use both, then one shouldn't interfere with the other. But I think it should be of some importance to fix this considering you are using the surreal core and it is preventing (or will prevent due to issues) users from getting to use the actual surreal emulator if they have both on their box. Think if someone made something that screwed with CoinOps when it ran and the creator of this "thing" said it wasn't that important to him to fix. That's practically telling people they have to make a choice between the two. Something originally created and something being borrowed. Why can't everything and everyone work peacefully together??? We shouldn't be trying (intentional or not) to break eachother's work. Or break eachother's hard drives either :)

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It's been a long time, I missed you. Just want to congratulate you BP for CoinOPS 2. Especially now I can exclusively use it for arcade games. I'm glad we finally could help each others.


That new skin selector is awesome, too. Though I'm hesitant between the green and the blue one (actually I'm more into pink).


On a side note, that story about the locks was definitely very entertaining. Everybody played a role like in the best dramas. We even had various stages to watch the show. But I'm a bit jealous right now, people are now comparing you to Orson Welles himself. Really.


Well because of my new duty (long story but I actually saw the light), I was tempted to test the N64 games with the patches you provided here and no luck for me: the GUI is in 720P but the games still launches in 480P. I wonder who I should believe then... The videoprojector or the Creator himself ? The machine or the man ? What a dilema !


Anyway, I hope you'll fix this very soon for me.




Your devoted waal - CoinOPS 2 special advisor on

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