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Directional pad (arcade stick) compatible xbox games?

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Hi all.


i'm about to make an xbox powered arcade cab, and I was wondering what xbox games would work with the directional stick without analogue.


so far I have marvel vs capcom 2, capcom vs SNK EO, metal slug 3,4 & 5, dead or alive 3 (not sure if this works yet) and alien homonid

am I missing anything worthwhile?


thanks! :)

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that thread is gold, just what I wanted!

Thanks again BP.


while you're here, could you tell me how to use xbe shortcut maker so I can launch xbox games from Coinops?

I managed to get the Megadrive games to launch (they just decided to work after reboot) but xbox games take me to evox, i've done something wrong.

both GAMETITLE.xbe and GAMETITLE.zip go in the roms folder yeah?


I probably should ask in the coinops thread again :)

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Hey Buddy,


I wish you luck with your cab, mine is almost done.... I have been saying that for months "almost done" lol (its operational but aint pretty yet)


CoinOPS on a cab is nothing short of amazing !


I Recommend Tony Hawk, Pro Evo Soccer, Wrestle Mania 21, Legends of Wrestling... but head over to the link above given by BP, loads of people suggested some awesome stuff I would never of thought of !




Also what are you using for your controls? Gamester arcade stick? X-Arcade and adapter or converted pads?


I have all 3 but went with converted pads in the end done by Garcimack (That guy's soldering skills are amazing)



PS be sure to check out the Daytona Cab in the thread above... its cool !


Good Luck !

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Hi ace


Do you have any photos of your cab? would love to see it.

From what i've seen Coinops looks like the perfect launcher for all the games I want to play, I don't know what it'll be like but I intend to play stuff like Sonic (Megadrive) on the thing so having arcade games AND all the console games together is perfect.


I will be going for a hacked pad with the help from a bloke at work, I purchased 2 cheap PS2/3 arcade sticks and will remove the buttons and sticks.

My cab will actually be a coffee table, everything will be concealed 'till you turn the thing on and open the control box... 32inch LCD underneath, will force 4:3 aspect ratio and cover the rest of the screen.


I think it'll look awesome when i'm done! :)

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gametitle.xbe goes in the root directory....CoinOPS/gameshortcut.xbe (created yourself)

CoinOPS/roms/gametitle.zip (0kb pointer file)


then rescan :) and it will work...


I just moved the gametitle.xbe into the coinops root folder but I still experience the same problem... maybe i'm getting the directory line wrong or something when using xbe shortcut maker

the 0kb .zip can just be a renamed .txt file right? totally empty is fine?


another minor issue I have, how do I get midway preview video to show?



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just make sure you create an empty folder and name it the same as the gametitle.xbe,but without the xbe obviously.

then zip up the empty folder so it is now gametitle.zip and put the zip folder into your roms folder and rescan.


edit/i would recommend you getting hyper streetfighter 2 anniversary,capcom fighting evolution,giulty gear x2 reload,soul calibur 2,soul calibur 2 reloaded,dead or alive 2 ultimate,spikeout battle street(by sega and the closest thing they ever mage to streets of rage),burnout 3 takedown,burnout revenge,outrun 2,outrun 2006 coast 2 coast,king of fighters maximum imapct,king of fighters neowave,wreckless the yakuza mission,doulbe steal(wreckless 2).......and loads more.

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I think my zip is fine as the game title is showing in coinops, it must be a problem linking to the game as it fails when launching.

does it matter where the game is? it's in the same partition in my games folder at the moment... i'll just try again and triple check everything.


thanks for the suggestions too, will have to grab guilty gear, I remember those games being pretty good and SHARP to look at.

don't know about driving games though, using the stick to steer just won't feel right.


gotta hunt down NFL Blitz, I remember LOVING that on the dreamcast, arcade roots too!

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