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Bare Knucke 3 Directors Cut v1.51 Final Version..


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just released a few days ago is this excellent hack of bare knuckle 3 for the megadrive.



Okay guys, so version 1.5 is out in the form of a private beta I cannot distribute to you guys.


New changes to the hack include:

-You can now move freely in the Bike stages. No more being confined to the left side of the screen.

-WIP: Shiva and Ash can pick up weapons but aren't quite able to use them effectively yet. Unlike Ash who gets paralyzed while attempting to use a weapon, Shiva can swing it though it almost always misses due to it being buggy. Shiva CAN throw the weapons though. It should be noted that the characters don't use animations for these yet. They just use their idle animations.

-Shiva's new forward forward B move has been corrected to play the same sound effect his boss version uses when performing that attack.


Bug Fixes:

-Shiva's electrocution sprite no longer has garbled tiles within it's mappings.

-Yamoto's clones' death animation is no longer garbled.

-Never ending wastelands stage bug fixed.


Known Bugs:

-Going to Round 6 as Axel via stage select or by playing through normally sometimes results in the level not loading and you getting a black screen for some odd reason or another.

-Yamoto's death animation that plays before he explodes. (the one where he spins around.) has a couple of garbled sprite tiles in its sprite mappings.



There are probably more of the above. I just can't remember them right off the top of my head right now.


v1.51 info.

FINAL RELEASE: Version 1.5.1

I got the okay for Red Crimson to go ahead and release this. So, before I released it, I fixed a couple of text related things for you. Changed the copyright date of the hack to display 2011 and finally fixed the typo "THENDRA" and changed it back to "THUNDRA".

I was trying to implement the Title screen flash but I couldn't find the exact value that controlled it despite having a PAR code to activate the lightning bolt flash.


I also wanted to see if I could get Round 6 to warp you into the corridor rather than to the Jet boss fight. Unfortunately, the notes I had were lost with the old forums because nobody backed them up and also because I'm an idiot for not backing the notes up somewhere else. *facepalms* I hated moving from the old boards tbh.... Not my choice though...


original release thread.




link to download


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found out about this through an emulation blog,this is a good hack of a great game.pretty good streets of rage forum/site that this is from,people should check it out.

there are some other hacks of streets of rage 1 and 2 in the forum.

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