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neo-cream.com returns..


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been there, read that, good stuff two thumbs up



Thanks man, I know im old and becoming obsolete, but I refuse to bow to this trendy hipster era.

The longer I left my site the longer I realised it was actually good self help for me.

I did want to change the name - but for now will bring in the old viewers as much as I can then up the change this year sometime.

If you want 80's 90's references, pro internet references, and in general a regular guys take on stuff, coupled with the bashing of all things sucky, then this is the site for you.



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Ill update this week, hope you all check it out now and then.

I was thinking if taking on facebook again or maybe why women all think its great to nail hair extensions in to their melons.

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I'm a blogger, this isnt what I had in mind but it works and does the job and get's me writing again.

I hope you all check it out have some laughs and poke it with sticks, as usual the cream is best taken with a pinch of salt.

i cant view your latest blog entry. blogspot is blocked in china i think? or my phone just can't load it? can you paste it here or email it to me?

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