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Possible sega saturn emulator port for xbox...


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this is the part i was referring to. there are a couple similar ones. and YCE is probably Yabause Community Edition, as shown in that video you posted

Changeset [227]: Fixed: Relocated YabauseX to trunk Fixed: Renamed YabauseX to Yabause CE Added: Launcher CE, as the name suggests thi... Wednesday, January 26, 2011 11:34:35
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What does sega saturn have to do with surreal? :o


You all know that sega saturn emus are the #1 xbox prank of all time.


Its always been an elaborate hoax for noobs who want to ask about it a million times.


This may be no different

Haven't you seen the " dreamcast on psp" vids on Youtube ;)


Edit: grammar

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that date issue people talk (in the video) about is the default date if you run an xbox without power till the clock clears.....xbmc autochanges this to a good date due to the issues the default date causes....it causes a flag to do a time set screen....anyway how do I know this well I coded it....and set the date

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