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My new MednafenX-PCE skin


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Hey guys, here is my new MednafenX-PCE skin (v2).

I did 720 HD & 640 x 480 SD versions.

This skin uses a "no sprites" system to improve emulator performance


Emuload Screen



Main Menu



Rombrowser examples (more options in actual skin)


Single Large preview



Dual Artwork



Dual with 3D boxart



Video with 3D Dual



As mentioned above, there are more options in the skin for other setups, just go to configure skin

off the main menu, then into load skin configuration to change it.



Download 720 HD version:



Download 640 x 480 SD version:


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quick question about "no sprites" skin

is your previous skin fbl, zsnexbox, neogenesis etc are "no sprites" skin too?

is the default skin for madmab edition emu also "no sprites" skin ?



My FBL & Zsnexbox skins have minimal sprites, which doesn't affect the emu at all.

My Neogenesis skin has sprites. My current Neogenesis skin (on my Xbox) I have modified to have no sprites,

as it increases available memory for the emu, any more free memory for an emu has to be a good thing.

I will be re-releasing my Neogenesis skins with a no sprites system soon.

My own experience shows me the emu runs better this way.


As for the default skins for Madmab emu's, those skins do use sprites.

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Great skin. More please. :)


Also do you have links to your other skins?


The biggest problem I find with some of the best skins for Xbox emus is that they never cover enough systems. It would be great to have a consistently awesome skin set like this for everything. Looking forward to the revised Neogenesis skin.

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