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Arcade, ports and emulator requests for CoinOPS Epic


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Post your request for arcade game/feature/bug in this topic and they'll be added to the list, for BP to refer to when deciding which game to include/fix.


If there is a game already on the list that you think should not be there let me know and i'll have it removed


You may also recommend some more games/feature/bug in a future post but:

(1) you must not repeat any game you have already mentioned and (2) you must make a new post, do NOT edit your previous post as it may not be seen.


Games addon & fix:


Ashita no Joe (sound)

Blaster (midway)

B-Rap Boys GFX Fixed (no onscreen char/etc after the first stage goin onto the rollercoaster)

Dragon Saber (glitches fix)

F1 Exhaust Note/F1 Super Lap Working

Gain ground (3p)

Golden Axe - The Revenge of Death Adder

Judge Dredd (sound)

Lady Frog (upside down in 90° mode)

(Mace) The Dark Ages

Metal Gear Solid

Nebulas Ray (sound)

Perfect Dark

Rough Racer

Run N Gun 1 and/or 2 Added

Scramble Spirit.

Slipstream (The RARE Capcom F1 Game running on the Sega System32 board)

Sol Divide (last boss)

Super High Impact Football Added

Super Punch-Out (sound)

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Virtua Racing Added (I know its Model 1, just wondering if it possible on the tech side of things)

Virtua Fighter Added (ditto on above)

WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game (sound)

Xain Sleena (bad timing fix)


Controls fix :


Rad Rally/Rad Mobile Steering Fixed

Star Wars


Optimization to run fine at full speed:


Groove on Fight

Astra Superstars

Oriental Legend Special


SF the Movie

Night Slashers

DJ Boy

Laser Ghost

The crystal of kings? (that game was supported in mameoX 128 and even with the issue that the speed wasn't to great, the game was very playable - elconejotres)


Features :


Possible Injection of a few Midway Arcade Treasures/any other noteworthy games (ala Street Fighter 3 Style) - Rush the Rock, Race/Hard Drivin, Primal Rage, MK1, MK2, MK3, Hydro Thunder, Offroad Thunder, etc... games that dont work well natively in Mame for Xbox.

Pixel perfect console

SMB support for all systems

Integrate the UI controls across all cores

Scanline emulation

Loading off dvd

Save states

Change weapon bug in Doom

CPS3 games supported

Light gun support (+5)

Adult game filter

Blinking power led when 'CREDIT' is inserted

Fix the screensaver to show video/picture consistent with skin orientation

Bring the console core to show video/picture consistent with skin orientation

Ability to include playlist and/or more songs to the menu.




Asteroids Deluxe

Solar Fox/Quest



Computer (home) & console related: need to be sorted


Amiga support :

Alien Breed 1

Alien Breed 2

Rick Dangerous I

Rick Dangerous II



Fruity Franck (amstrad)



Duke Nukem 3D

Redneck Rampage

Rise of the Triad

Ultimate Doom


Star Wars - Dark Forces (psx)



Different screen configuration for Gameboy Advance/Original Gameboy



-Please :

Shinobi Legions aka Shinobi X/Sega Saturn (The 2 versions if possible, because different sounds tracks cool.gif )


retro gamer

Hokuto No Ken or Fist of the North Star works in PSXBOX using the following settings (thanks to Nemo1985X)


1.) Set graphics Fixes: *Turn the "Framelimit" OFF

2.) Set CPU Fixes: * Turn the "InuYasha Sengoku Battle fix" O

3.) Play the game! wink.gif


so it may be possible to get this running in coinops

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