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CoinOPS EPIC whats next



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Vote 1 will determine Vote 2 as Vote 2 will drill into specifics of the direction of Vote 1 (complexed :D but needed now as each thing will take time and could be more than little things)


OK guys you can post comments but this will determine the next stage of CoinOPS...bear in mind theres alot of stuff in BETA floating around


PS I null voted this one your on your own

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I know I can add any game I want, and I already added these, but the videos in Epic are so much better than the ones I'm making myself, or downloading elsewhere, that at least I would very much appreciate as good quality videos for these classic games:






Blades of Steel

Gun Smoke (it's actually better than the arcade version)

Hudson's Adventure Island II

Ice Climber

Ice Hockey

Mike Tyson's Punch Out (much better than SNES and arcade versions)

RC Pro AM I & II

Wario's Woods (for us lightly color blind, the snes version gets unplayable) :D


PC Engine:


New Adventure Island




Final Fantasy II & III

Illusion of Gaia

Pinball Dreams

Pinball Fantasies

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ill talk about adding packs in the next vote...dont worry ....it will be your chance again to form a team and add roms...and pics ill add all videos and fix stuff in CoinOPS for a patch...you will need a team and it will have to be controlled so I can pick it up and fix stuff easy and go to one area and see where everythings at...massive amounts of forum posts wont help there

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There are some other emulators to play console games ...

But not other for rcade games :)

It is why i think it is more important to fix news games to be add to coinops :)

We have not all the best arcades games ... :D


After, add some console games who are like arcade games like Tekken 3 on PSX is a very good idea too ... but it is less important i think ...


Thanks a lot

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And also, add the SAVE STATE for arcade if one day it is possible ?

Because some games are very hard ... very long ... and it is not kool to always restart them from the begining :D

When we can save a game it is the best to play it on many days when we can play a little ...


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one can never understand why all 3 say dont use it for consoles yet say they would for N64 and PSX....its a wierd world

waal and cba or know xtras peoples votes will be disregarded

Daaaamn.... You can't forget us, uh ?


I don't care about your poll and wasn't about to vote anyway. I don't even use what you call your software.


Good luck...

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