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Samurai Shodown 5 (samsho5.zip/ssv.zip) News

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calm down dude.....so angry..


hey is there an English translation program or even a manual on SSV?


I can't read Jap..

huh,u r betta off than me,I can't even play that,do u got a perfect link that u don't need to change anything and the emu is included

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What emulator you used to run samurai shodown 5 (from emu-russia)?

(and the version number of the emulator)

EGCG NeoRAGEx... Get it from http://www.neogamez.net

i have this emulator and when i try to start it up, it just brings me back to windows. i have it in the same folder as my metal slug 5 hacked neorage. is there a problem here?

i myself will not answer this agian bad rom sets are known to cause this problem. check ur rom set.

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hey..sawassdee krab (mean hello in thailand) please giv e me direct link or page for download emu and rom of samsho 5.......

i will melt down soon if i can not touch and play it

please help me and other blind-sheep people....







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