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Samurai Shodown 5 (samsho5.zip/ssv.zip) News

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Here's how to get blood while playing in Console mode.


It's the same code as for SS4:


At the title screen, hold down START and highlight "Options." Press A to

enter the options screen. While STILL HOLDING DOWN START, move the

cursor to "Exit," press A+B+C+D simultaneously.


That should get you blood instead of cum in the console mode. Arcade mode should have red blood...it was like that for me.


Well enjoy the game with blood!


BTW, it's an alright game. That new character with all those swords is incredibly unbalanced and very strong and very easy to play as...a cheapo's dream. :(

Basara and Sogetsu rules all!

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Oh yeah, and the password I used for samsho5+nebula.by.svc.dump.team.rar is:



This was the password for a Metal Slug 5 file so I decided to give it a try and it worked. :-D Hardcoreness! Yeah, I was desperate! I was giving everything a try.


Ok, have fun with that Basara.

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yeah, i dled the new rom and i put the rom into the folder called Roms. everytime i try to import the roms it says that nothing was detected and to make sure that it points to the directory. when i try to put the roms from roms folder in my old neoragex into the new one, it terminates instantly.

i think you will be better off useing nebula as you seem not to know what to do

Nebula?It Sucks.Nebula IS Not Far Worse Than Krawks.In My Opion,FBA And NeoRageX IS Da Best.=)

FBA is crap Neorage is crap neorage is nothing but a hacked emulator. and was only meant for the older pc .


now i ask you. have you tried to play svc or samsho5 in nebula?


what do you have against FBA? i seriously cant see anything wrong with it. it is faster and multitasks better than Kawaks and seems to have better Rasters support than Nebula. and doesnt even need a loader or dat if you can compile on your own (and recompiling only takes like 30 seconds at most on fairly fast PCs -minutes on slow PCs but not that much). video and sound may be a different thing and entitles to your taste and such.


or do you simply think it sucks because it is a low-enders choice?

i use mame i find it to be the best


and yeah it you have an old pc then FBA is good for that but thats it.. nothing more...

Lol thats funny mine is a new PC Windows XP

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