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Samurai Shodown 5 (samsho5.zip/ssv.zip) News

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@Weird: After a few tries: on violence level 3 without the unibios, there's blood, with the unibios with sp off also, it's only with the unibios with sp on that there's the "cum" thing.

No idea what sp is for, though.

yeah, I guess thats how it got fixed. Sp shows the command for your desperation move when your power reacher max

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mmmh.. this is strange.

nebula displays me -this game is locked- :D

any idea what to do? please help !

perhaps a bad dump !? i cant find any links to a ssv.zip

you need to use the loader not the nebula exe

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for those with shareza i'll put it in my share folder.


yeah, Shareza blows. hard. but for those having difficulty finding it, i don't mind helping whatever way i can.


same file name as the download. im sure you can search samsho5 and be fine, but just in case:




that be the name and it's 40.85MB. (like you don't know already) :D

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