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Well as I read up on gamin news from all the sites mentioned by my fellow members, Agozer & Akihiro, I need to listen to some music. Ill be here for awhile.


I have not gotten on my playlists, I have practically NO music. Well I figure video game remixes seems fitting, so im back to OC Remix after some time. Problem is there is alot of bullshit, just like regular music. I have to crawl through lists and lists cause now, years and years later, there is ALOT of material... its very daunting.


Getting songs as we speak, downloading as I see fit. I will have quite the collection after a short while. I will list here, at a later time, all the songs I think are worth a damn.

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These are just a few. I didnt take the time to scour the site, some songs I liked were no longer in MP3 format and I didnt want to bother. Most of these are alright, I can see how a few would be annoying to some. These here mainly have a chill ambient/newage thing going on.










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