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Best and/or most optimized build of XBMC


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I use the last t3ch build. The site seems to have disappeared without a trace but I was lucky enough to grab the last one that came out the day before.




I haven't tried looking for it anywhere but if it's hard to find for some reason I can upload it somewhere. It's still sitting on my desktop. I don't have any issues with it although to be honest I never really had many issues at all with XBMC. I don't really use much of the advanced shit like cover art and stuff though because I download and delete stuff so fast there is no point in maintaining a library like that. I just play stuff off my network share.


You can still get daily builds and such compiled by other people on other sites though. I would post them here but it's against the rules.

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I had to completely rewrite xbmc to handle fanart etc and still be lightning fast..... :) personally


it got bloaty later on and jmarshall moved to pc and really it suffered from being sluggish and bloaty from then on as PC dev took over



What version did you use as your base for editing.

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version 2.0 then patched in fanart etc for non database....removed alot of stuff etc...as I did alot of work on xbmc I pulled the sources apart and picked what I wanted and added in things like large usb support and xmv support...dvd to xbox ripping....it was when 2.0 skin engine came out was the base code....with alot patched in from time to time

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