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Demul 0.5.6 is out chaps

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if anyones interested in it

* AWAVE: many fix for controls, rail-shooters playable

* AWAVE: xtrmhunt romset typo

* CHD: reading problems fix

* CHD: updated to 138u4 version

* CORE: ROMs overreading protection

* CORE: SB_SFRES "softreset" emulation (imperfectfor dynarec)

* CORE: arcade roms loading by CRC only, now can load renamed/old/custom romsets with the same files

* CORE: command line support, run selected game/system, list supported games, generate xml dat file (clrmame) for supported romsets with parent/clones info

* CORE: dynarec instruction fix

* CORE: emulation reset fix

* CORE: enable SSE compilator optimization

* CORE: full unicode support

* CORE: interpreter memory translation optimization, MMU speedup

* CORE: invalidation optimized, "Triggerheart Exelica", etc. speedup

* CORE: logging and default output path fixed

* CORE: macw, macl opcodes fix

* CORE: round mode fix

* CORE: savestates fix

* CORE: savestates for VMU

* CORE: timers bugfixes

* CORE: various crashes fix

* CORE: various maple fixes

* CORE: various romset fixes

* CORE: internal time with windows time auto synchronization

* GDI: offset support (may be glitchy)

* GDI: sector cache (test only)

* GDI: various bugfixes

* GPU: "Transform Z" options added (w-buffer to z-buffer transform enable), enabled by default (need restart for ogl if changed)

* GPU: VRAM overreading protection

* GPU: correct vertex intensity alpha

* GPU: correct vertex intensity color clamping

* GPU: ogl disable SSE compilator optimisation due to VC10 compiler bug

* GPU: dx correct window size change

* GPU: render and framebuffer fixes (still imperfect)

* GPU: fullscreen frequency fix

* GPU: polygons blending fix

* GPU: sprites fix

* GPU: stride untwiddled texture fix

* GPU: yuv textures in vq mode supported ("Head Hunter" fix)

* GUI: "15Khz/31Khz" modes selection, "31Khz" default option

* GUI: "LLE MIE"/"HLE MIE" selection option, if "LLE MIE" is unavailable (no "NAOBD.BIN"), "HLE MIE" mode enabled automatically

* GUI: "Time Hack" option, automatic Dreamcast flash time record correction for current time

* GUI: GameBrowser "load decrypted" fix

* GUI: GameBrowser forvard/backward sorting for game year, romset name, full name, developer/publisher and game system

* GUI: GameBrowser keyboard input handling fix

* GUI: GameBrowser gridlines workaround for WinXP

* GUI: PAL/NTSC mode selection

* GUI: custom savestate keys definitions

* GUI: full game name/title display on windows title

* GUI: mahjong controller setup

* GUI: more video cable mode selection

* NAOMI: MAME Naomi CHD-files supported (but not listed in dat), need CHD plugin in plugins directory

* NAOMI: BIOS auto selection

* NAOMI: board malfunction for A-C rev. BIOSes fix

* NAOMI: cart encryption for direct and buffered protection modes supported, most encryption keys added

* NAOMI: cart encryption key automatic detection for NO_KEY games (if any), may take a couple of minutes for complete process

* NAOMI: default system configuration added if no nvram files found, auto selection cabinet orientation and player number for games depending on it

* NAOMI: coin fix

* NAOMI: gunsur2 encryption key added, playable with sound

* NAOMI: club cart protection data

* NAOMI: doa2 crash fix

* NAOMI: ggx crash fix

* NAOMI: hmgeo SHA1 fix

* NAOMI: wldrider crash fix

* NAOMI: initdv2j DES key added, doesn't boot anyway

* NAOMI: full HLE MIE (315-6146 Maple-JVS bridge MCU) support

* NAOMI: full LLE MIE (315-6146 Maple-JVS bridge MCU) support, "NAOBD.BIN" file with MCU fake firmware needed

* NAOMI: JVS interface and IO board(s) emulation

* NAOMI: automatic analog controls mapping

* NAOMI: VMS and Dreamcast gamepads handling for arcade games (if supported)

* NAOMI: keyboard support, select "Keyboard" for "port B" and/or "port C" in "Plugins" configuration dialog

* NAOMI: dybbnao, dygolf, alpilot, sstrkfgt, gunsur2, samba, crzytaxi, zombrvn, wldrider controls support

* NAOMI: mahjong panel support

* NAOMI: nvram load/save fix

* NAOMI: proper 15/31Khz DIP switch handling

* NAOMI: romset updated with MAME 139u2 ROMs

* NET: added netplay support for DC, NAOMI1/2, ATOMISWAVE, only NULL plugin provided (see thrid party plugins)

* PAD: various bugs fix

* PAD: first time configuration crash fix

* PAD: support for xbox360 gamepad (without analogs)

* SPU: ARM7 core fixes

* SPU: better synchronization

* SPU: close fix, thread close fix

* SPU: lp reset fix

* VMU: beeper emulated

Removed from the Assembly, as requiring additional spuOAL refinement and 64-bit version.

Additionally enclosed NetPlay plugin to play with a friend over the network via Kaillera from Edgbla. On the use of, and more, bagreportam to apply directly to the author.

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