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I might have the clap.


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what is clap? seriously


I think it's typically referred to as Gonorrhea. :D


Ninja edit: Damn too late..

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Gonorrhea (also gonorrhoea, sometimes referred to as 'the clap'[1]) is a common sexually transmitted infection caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae (also called Gonococcus, which is often abbreviated as "GC" by clinicians). In the US, its incidence is second[2] only to chlamydia among bacterial STDs.[3] In both men and women if gonorrhea is left untreated, it may spread throughout the body, affecting joints and even heart valves.

Thanks for the explanation.

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Well we had an argument last night and I told her to sling her hook at 12 at night then she came back banging on my door.

I think i believe her and she was genuinely upset so ill let this one roll. I could of got all serious and took my shirt off but kept my cool.

Im off to doctors today for my penicillin.

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"sling her hook" is that get yer shit 'n leave. As in a hobo carrying a stick with alittle tied up pouch "hooked" on the end as its mounted on the shoulder?


Well Inky says symptoms are not as apparent for the ladies... and in this day and age... not getting an STD is like dodging bullets.

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What up broskifs.

I had a visit to the clinic the nurse stabbed me japs eye im alright now, nurse made me take four pills huge fucking white ones.

No symptons.

Called our lass a twat.

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