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Super Streetfighter 2 and Strider on X68000X


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Yeah this machine was very impressive at the time. But it was expensive even in Japan where people rather bought NEC computers like PC-98/PC-88. And I still prefer the sound of an Amiga. If only they had ported soundtracker to the X68000...

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hey waal just curious do you have a working version of armalyte for the amiga as this one game i have never got to work on winuaex,i love the c64 version.

Hey Fu,


Yes I have various disk versions and a hard drive installed one you can play with the new winuaex. I'll send you these next friday when I'm back from vacation.



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I am presuming a lot of you use the sharp x68000 emulator for called x68000x.anyway i had been having trouble getting super streetfighter 2 to work on this emu because it is a five disc game so a lot of disc swapping is nessacery.

but today i found a .hdf(hdd file image) for the game and it works great.no disc swapping or long load times.

just make sure and overclock the cpu to 24mhz in the options,also make sure and place the game in hard drive option.




i also have a hdfile for strider on the x68000,again a very hard file format for this game to find.


these are both pretty much arcade perfect ports in my opinion.


if you want links to download these 2 hdf files just say in this thread and i will PM you.



Hi Fu,


Are you still giving links to these 2 hdf files? If so, could you send them to me please? I came to this thread late, but would love to try them.



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I really like playing Castlevania. That game was ported to the PSX, but they changed the graphics and it runs at a slightly lower resolution.


There are some cool games on here RX, but I know what you're saying. This system was mainly know for its arcade-perfect ports and if you can emulate the arcade well already with CoinOps and FBL, then it becomes redundant in some respects. This said, there are a number of unique games to the system, as noted above, which make it still desirable.


Good to see your back around. Hope you are doing well! :P


Yeah... there could probably be a top 10 list for it of unique games or games that play better on the system. I wouldn't mind having a small collection of things like that. Even a top 25 if people can justify it without cramming 15 p0rn games in there.


Doing well man... hope you're doing well too.




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Yes good idea ... if it is possible, can you give us the TOP 25 games list for this system ?

With the unique games, and some who are better emuated with it than an other emu ...


Like that we will quickly made a little pack, with full xtras ... or just VIDEOS and SCREENSHOT and TITLESCREEN.


Thanks a lot


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