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Coinops showroom X help!


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...good luck guys ... in these guys hands you will need it


PS ( your site as of now waal is Total posts 808 | Total topics 300 | Total members 260 for everything all those topics thats about 3 posts per topic not bad for 4 years worth of work and people telling me a new way was coming...respect me im not a joke and ill Troll you forever cause I know with numbers like this no ones listening.....also note alot of the stuff is CoinOPS related.......anyway same message Good Luck given to Xbox Scene as I knew with these guys it was over and its dead now )

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This forum is just as dead as Xbox Scene. 99% of posts here are yours or just people bickering with you. There are one or two posts every week from genuine users asking for help but generally you just say you won't help them so they don't post again. The fact that polls here get so few votes just shows that it's the entire Xbox scene that is dead, not any one forum. And it's not people that have killed it, it's just had its time that's all.


I would agree with you that pretty much everyone with an Xbox has CoinOPS on it. But they also have FBL and Madmab's emus and MAMEox128 and Surreal and the ressurectionXtras. It's all free so why would we not as users take advantage of everything that's available. My point is that there is no competition anywhere here except in your mind and in your posts.

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from what I see your very wrong +T+ if they have MAMEox128 for starters id be surprised...but the download numbers are massively stacked against what you say...but hey if you believe that cause you have that then its all over anyways hehehehe also the collected save cause of the last issues show me your also very wrong ;) but its a small snapshot and hope your right ......... Sayonara I guess ...... its about time as Starcraft 2 says


no point in aguing it out...your right theres no real point continuing here but ill continue for sure for myself and my friends as theres still stuff I want to finish and add and alot that just needs to come out of Beta....even if its just to tidy up what I want....best of luck with what ever you go towards +T+....its a shame for the trolling, the lack of support was OK its the trolling that makes it not worth it....it always has been uncontrolled and they where parinoid I was doing stuff to them, I really should have got Gamecop to control or allow moderation...its like Blizzard reconise the trolling problem is causing there community the most issues and when I saw there talks about it it reminded of most of these sites..the helpers that think they are when they are just trolls....

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This talk of download numbers is nonsense. You can't possibly know how many times Madmab's emulators or FBL have been downloaded from xbins, or how many times the Xtras have been leeched from demonoid. You simply do not have access to this information and there can be no comparison without it. I'm not saying that CoinOPS is less popular, I'm saying that everybody I know with a modded Xbox have all these emulators including yours. So pretending it's some sort of popularity contest is meaningless. If you could truly see all download numbers across all sites and sources, it would come out pretty much equal I'm sure.

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Oh well all my stuff shows massively otherwise....everywhere ive looked....but maybe your right and they dont show people on you tube etc and hide that stuff...hey if your right things will continue on very well without my releases as my stuff does move quite quickly and I do track it across alot of sources.... I hope your right +T+ but my educated guess is your not...time will tell im sure....


Best of luck with the future...its not a contest to me its just facts...people think I have vendettas and they dont face facts....that to me is silly...and nearly everything in life is cause of good reasons...I really cant believe people dont reasearch things and base there choices on logic....I truely hope Microsoft and Sony also wake up to this...it sadens me to see there scitomas getting in the way and killing there company...they can beleive it or not....


anyways ive done alot of research into the numbers from many fields and I beleive your very wrong....it makes no diff though and I hope I missed some massive things.....wether I do or not it makes no diff I will continue on with my stuff with quite a few of the people from around here as they are keen to help and move forward...and talk regulary on doing this ;)


Once again +T+ thanks for your stuff im sure your right and good luck....it sounds like you think its pointless anyway....Sayonara

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OK Im gone from all these threads now...best of luck ive decribed how I work now...how you work is up to you.....



Vision Of CoinOPS


To produce a simple launcher....thats plays all your favorite games and can be picked up by anyone and used in my Mum or a 5 year old first time user....


Process to do CoinOPS stuff


- For Help or to report Issues PM me....ill report back to you via PM and I may reply in the offical thread in this forum only

- For anyone that wants to join the team PM me....the features and things are added need to be duscused via MSN...and ill block anyone that trolling

- For info from a user point of view to what is happening come to the Main CoinOPS thread and view the latest stuff (Note this is locked due to trolls but ill be on PM for sure the link to the thread is http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=31894 and find the latest posts)

- No other threads will be answered by me or discussed regarding CoinOPS


Reson for New Process


- Trolls giving misdirection and making proper support problematic

- People with no knowledge of coding or the project giving misinformation about the product

- People with no knowledge of coding or the project giving misinformation about me

- People with no knowledge of coding or the project giving misinformation about other projects

- A general want by some to do what ever it takes to disrupt the project

- I dont wish to work with these people, personalities aside, I truely have seen there stuff and dont believe in there abilities or vision

- I need a more reliable process to help people that truely require help

- I need a more robust way of discussing features

- Many times ive given the people the time to help you and it fails so time and time again ive seen the users let down

- A general low qaulity of support across all forums to truely help the users

- A lot of misinformation about how hard or easy a feature is to put in on all project. Most of the time its just asking the correct person the correct way as he has to spend the time to make it happen


Feature Discussion


Normally people think I disagree with features...its normally that I disagree with the way they are placed in...they need to be automatic as possible and seemless to the user...if the effect on the user is greater than the feature it wont be added. Also people must realise that 95percent of the time I must code this so you must meet my requirement so I will spend my time to add this stuff


Whats Best For You


- If you just love and use CoinOPS keep an eye on the offical thread title and posts they will keep you informed of a release.

- If you want to particate lightly just PM

- If you want to help and be part of the project PM and set up an MSN link


My Promises


I promise to keep moving ahead nearly on a daily basis if you want to be part of it I recommend you follow the Process it will work. Cheers everyone

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