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Post your poison (beer)


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Beer? I dont care too much for drink, but I like beers that are not too bitter. I like things tasty.


When I drink I prefer Liqueur. I have drank Captain Morgan more than any thing else methinks, but Im open to anything. Except things like Evan Williams Whiskey Black Label. Damn... it tastes like they distill it with coal...

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Mostly Bud Light. I did enjoy Bud Wheat when it was available at my local bars. I also drink Killians from time to time. As well as Corona.


Liquor wise Jack Daniels, Crown Royal, Captain Morgan.


And then there's Moonshine.

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whats moonshine?

Ahhh Moonshine. "White Lightning, Hooch, Rot Gut"


Moonshine is potent, well above 50 proof. It is homemade alcohol basically. Moonshine is famous in our south but its making is practiced virtually everywhere. I always thought it would knock you on your ass but my first tasting was great. My drink was smooth, and I felt it working almost instantly. It was quite good. Whoever made it was quite skilled.


Moonshine is any distilled spirit made in an unlicensed still. As with all distilled spirits, yeast ferments a sugar source to produce ethanol, then the alcohol is extracted through distillation using a still.

Because of its illegal nature, moonshine is rarely aged in barrels like proper whiskey, and it sometimes contains impurities and off flavors, but very rarely other toxic alcohols such as methanol. The off flavors may come from improper mashing, fermentation and/or distillation. In popular culture, moonshine is usually presented as being extremely strong and in North America is commonly associated with the Southern United States, Appalachia and Atlantic Canada.

Moonshining is usually done using small-scale stills. Typically, the still is built by the moonshine producer, thus avoiding the legal ramifications of obtaining a still commercially. The pot still is made of copper or stainless steel, and a water filled barrel with a copper tubing coil for a condenser, is the traditional type of still, being popular with early moonshine producers due to its simplicity and ease of construction. More efficient reflux stills are available to the modern moonshiner, either self-built, assembled from a kit, or purchased fully assembled. Lately, do-it-yourself still designs have become widely available on the Internet."Moonshine" and "Still Making Moonshine" are two documentaries that depict the life of a modern Appalachian moonshiner, the making of a three stage still out of sheets of copper, putting up corn mash, and running whiskey.



popcorn-sutton.jpgHe is someone we might imagine making it.

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Is it ok that I only drink whiskey not beer? Beer gives me a headache.

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I knew really but thanks anyways - that shit would make you ill!

No... it varies. What I had was great.


Is it ok that I only drink whiskey not beer? Beer gives me a headache.

I think so.

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