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Vice City XXL & GTA 3 Mod


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every xbox got this partition as cache. gta games deposit a imgage file on it for faster loading, but when this copy wont match with the original (or your modified one) you will get an error. maybe its a bug in xbmc or they wanted it, idk, just tell us the result.



Also you mentioned sending something else once I have done it.... what is that?


nothing that will change the world or create the wheel again, but a nice cracktro and some other things, surprise, surprise :P

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OK i booted with unleashx then deleted gta.img from X drive, still crashes same place...


Does anyone know where there is a complete version ready done?




EDIT: also put on my xbox with EVO-X but same thing... I follwed the guide to the letter (3 times) but same thing happens :P


I will try the PAL version when I get it... I requested it on UG

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both are NTSC versions, one from a multidisc, and one standalone.... im gonna buy a pal version as no one replyed to the request on the torrent sites...


ill let you know how i go....


as for the cap file, i followed the guide to the letter a few times but still no joy

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Try them, there really cool...


GTA great car theft (russia game) is awesome, 50 new san andreas missions


The GTA P1tch3 SA gives San Andreas serious replay value....


As forGTA3 and Vice City.... I currently have no clue as the mods are not working at all.


Once I grab a pal version i will test and let you know :D


ACE :)

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