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Qwak freeware GBA rom and D-Pad hero 2 freeware nes rom


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Qwak for GBA.


Qwak for Gameboy Advance is based on the Amiga version of the game, developed by myself, and published by Team 17.


This version was developed for the Gameboy Advance, however, it is also 100% compatiable with, and works ok on a DS.







download rom here.



this is a freeware rom that the author has decided to release and it is the full game.This game was originally limited to 300 cart releases.

This rom works fine on Xboyadvance.


D-pad hero2 for nes.





D-Pad Hero 2, the sequel to last year's homebrew music game for the NES, is now out and free to download! If you missed the original D-Pad Hero, the game is styled after Guitar Hero, with players tapping buttons as notes drop to the bottom of the screen, except it's played with a traditional control pad instead of an instrument controller.


This follow-up promises 50 percent more tracks, three difficulty levels, new 3D-style visuals, song challenges, power-ups (e.g. POW blocks), multiple endings, and co-op/versus two-player modes. The new music includes Queen's "I Want To Break Free", Megadeth's "Countdown to Extinction", Led Zeppelin's "The Ocean", Elvis Presley's "Burning Love", and many others.


You can play the D-Pad Hero 2's ROM in the emulator of your choice (or on an NES if you have the right equipment), but the game's developers highly suggest using an actual controller instead of your keyboard to play the game.








EDIT/also here is the original d-pad hero game.




Tested on Nestopiax and works great.


thanks goes to the original programmers.

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Thanks for these mate :P

no probs i have added the original d-pad hero game in the first post as well,you should grab that as it has a great version of sweet child of mines by guns n roses,nes style.

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Qwak on the GBA has a limited interest due to the screen size, except for collectors. Better play with the original.

yeah but playing on an emulator fullscreen on a 37inch lcd makes a big difference.never was a fan of the gba screen and i still havent played a DS yet.

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My point is playing the original Qwak on a TV is much better when you get to run it on Winuaex. Much less blurry pixels. But the GBA version is a good finding.

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