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Soon : ProGear no Arashi


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Capcom CP-S 2 shoot'em-up game ProGear is fully dumped or will be fully dumped soon.


Supposed roms of this game :


pga.01 131072 BDBFA992 z80

pgaj.03 524288 06DBBA54 Code

pgaj.04 524288 A1F1F1BC Code

pga-sim.05a 2097152 C0AAC80C Samples

pga-sim.05b 2097152 37A65D86 Samples

pga-sim.06a 2097152 D3F1E934 Samples

pga-sim.06b 2097152 8B39489A Samples

pga-sim.01a 2097152 AE9DDAFE Gfx

pga-sim.01b 2097152 94D72D94 Gfx

pga-sim.01c 2097152 452F98B0 Gfx

pga-sim.01d 2097152 9E672092 Gfx

pga-sim.03a 2097152 9EE33D98 Gfx

pga-sim.03b 2097152 848DEE32 Gfx

pga-sim.03c 2097152 48A1886D Gfx

pga-sim.03d 2097152 172D7E37 Gfx







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i found this rom (i think). but it's only like a little more than half a meg zip, so i think it's probably not legit...but i'll check it out anyway.



edit: heh, yeah was not the real thing (not that surprising i know)

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Progear no Arashi (Japan 010117) on ABEA: You read it right, this whorded game has been released to the public, and you too can get it off the A.B.E.Arcade newsgroup 

found at cps2 emu

Now I wonder, what is the A.B.E.Arcade newsgroup??? :-D


edit: I can't neither wait to play it!!! :lol:

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