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My 1.4ghz 128mb trusty board


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That TSOP can be flashed again, i dont know if there really is a limit but i would avoid doing it alot.

Since it's a 1.4 xbox you'll have to use the raincoat utility to flash it. This is not as cut and dry as

flashing a 1.0 xbox or a modchip. The bios included from Trusty doesnt have an .ini file to change

things either, it's got to be done with XBtool. Your CPU temp is getting pretty high up there, make sure

the heatsink is seated down all the way and make sure none of the corners are looser than others.

I would also jack up the fan speed of the rear fan using XBtool. For instance, when your xbox boots

the fan runs at 20% but when your BIOS loads up it will put the speed to whatever you had set it in XBtool.

I would atleast set it at 50-70%. Test it out first in XBMC though since you have the option to use fan override

and make sure it's not too loud but i would almost take that loud box instead of a dead 1.4ghz box ya know?

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I have used XBtool, and have the bios I want to flash on there ready. I'll look at the raincoat thing, thanks. Fan speed is at full since I am running from the HDD power in the first place, so yea, its loud, but if it will keep my box alive, its worth it. Plus with my surround speakers, the whine of a fan gets drowned out pretty easily. If temps don't go down at all, I'm gonna add some intake fans on the left side of the box. That should take care of it. And those I'll put to the motherboard power so I can turn them down if they get too loud when I'm watching movies and stuff.

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You could always get another 60mm or 40mm blue LED fan and fix it to the top of the

CPU heatsink, since you've slimmed it and there is nothing above the CPU you

should have the room to do it. That way you can avoid cutting into the case more aswell.

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thats not a bad idea. pretty much hack together a cpu cooler. that or someone on xbox-scene had suggested an air vent from the heatsink to the fan to direct the air better. i dont think i would need to cut the case with these new fans though. just cut the EM shield a bit and zip-tie them on the inside. they are pretty thin.

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You could zip tie them however, your limited in space under the hard drive or next to the PSU.

The smaller fan that you get, the louder they seem, just speaking from the two times i did that.

It seemed loud and once i unplugged the fan it was quiet as a baby. This is where i had mine (circled in blue)

and it was too damn loud. Those two rear fans i had though were actually pretty quiet now that i go and plug it in.

Maybe one or two of those and you'd ben doing good. THink they were 40mm antecs. NOTE: this box was a super slim box, hence the chopped up inside) :)


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It looks like you have a v1.0 board there. I know a way to cut the noise significantly. That fan on the GPU is ridiculously loud. What you need to do is remove it, along with the heatsink its connected to. Order this part as a replacement:




You'll also need thermal adhesive:




Taking the heatsink off is a bit of a pain, there is a lot of pulling and wiggling involved, but it will come up eventually. Once you get it off, there will most likely be thermal pad residue. You need to remove this with 99% or better rubbing alcohol. Once it is sparkling clean, afix the new heatsink with the adhesive and you'll be good to go.


I've done this to all of my 1.0 xbox systems and it works like a charm.


Good luck

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I would love a super modded xbox like these, Does anyone here know someone in the UK that can mod them?


I cant afford the memory and CPU upgrade yet, but i might be able to push for the memory upgrade if postage is in the UK.


the service from trusty for a cpu and memory upgrade will cost me £180.


Sadly i can't afford that for quite a while, so if anyone knows someone in the UK who can do a memory upgrade please let me know.




PS still jealous lol

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Philexile: Thanks for the advice but i have to disagree on the loudness of those fans. I've never had an issue with those making

noise unless one of the blades was messed up. Worst case i can just swap it out with a passive sink from another box (got tons of those).

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