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A playful rant about people my age

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This actually made me kind of angry and it made me laugh as well, but seriously, this has to be addressed.


I hate when teenagers use these completely meaningless, (supposedly whimsical, supposedly) phrases like, "Because I can", or "Shut up". Phrases like these mean absolutely nothing.

Hey, why did you just call that guy a dufus?


Because I can.

Dude, why did you wake me up at 3 AM?


Because I can.


It would have to be the most atrocious, immature, middle school, numb-nut phrase I have ever heard, it's a petty justification. Hey, is Devia gonna go kill that guy over there because he can? Am I gonna go kiss that girl randomly because I can? How is having the ability to do something justify that action in any tangible sense? I feel like grabbing the head of a person and bashing it into the concrete, when they say things like, "Because I can", some shallow, stupid fuck up of a phrase developed by some snarly thirteen year old stereotypical bully.


And what's with this, "Shut up", business? Devia: Hey dude, don't you think that was a little harsh?


Shut up.


What? Shut up? Can you at least tell me why I need to "Shut up"? Are you implying that your words have more significance than mine? How about you backup your statements with actual cohesive reasoning, and stop telling people to randomly "Shut up", making them appear as lonesome numb-skulls, that of which have no potent say in anything. I've ripped a couple of my "friends", and some of my fellow teenager acquaintances that these phrases should be banished from the English language, along with the word, "l8ter", that was originally spelled with the number 8, and not the letter a.


And that the letter "u" is not a word.

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I once had a teenager who was "gobby" for about a year he thought he could trash talk me and throw stones...

Till one day...


Right in the kisser...

I got fucking arrested for it.

The police were like "we dont really want to have to do this."

He actually thanked me about a year ago. ;)

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It boils down to this. Most people dont think. " Because I can " is somewhere along the line of drooling. Its not whittey. " Shut up " these things derive from lazyness and selfishness. They dont want to explain and dont feel they should have to... much less be able to put it into words well enough.


If I werent going to explain... Id say something like... "cause its in the script" or something not typical. Im not saying im clever or funny, Im saying I dont like how younger guys think they are the first to feel a certain way or think a certain thought. They think they are sooo cool, clever... buddy, so did we 10 years back. Guess what... your shit DOES STINK... fuck ass kid.


Side rant, kids from the dawn of time have been the same. Do they not realize that people who are older have been there done that? I know most "adults" dont seem like they remember, but I do. Shit I'll never grow up. But I have been there and done that 1000's of times over. I'm focusing on those who think their original. Little fuck you are not OG.


Basically, I like to put little bitches in their place. And since they are so inexperienced, it is soooo easy to continue the verbal beatdown. Shit, I've had over a decade to build up and refine any type or number of ideals pertaining to any given situation. Case in point, Im playing MWF2, and someone goes ahead and says "faggot" Maaaan I sometimes go into a rant and make him feel stupid cause that is like the #1 word used online... its played out, used up, and decrepit. Shows how stupid, washed up and unoriginal the asshole is. Worst part is... these guys are of all ages, so I guess its not necessarily a kid thing.


But yea, punch them in the face. Let them ask why heh, Emsley is onto something.

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Basically, I like to put little bitches in their place. And since they are so inexperienced, it is soooo easy to continue the verbal beatdown.


Same here if i meet a guy and hes all-right then hes all-right regardless of his age.

Most of my friends we can call each other retards and make jokes about each other for hours.

Its took me all these years to find a good set of friends you normally find they are like minded or have similar values to your own.


Currently Im clear of all wank influences in my life which im enjoying a lot, the only trouble at the moment is a set of idiots on the street i live typical trailer trash in disguise where and argument is there highlight of their week.


This little shit on my street walked in to my friends house with another douche bag while he was drunk and took his van keys and stole his sat navigation and because the area we live in is pretty close nit me and my friend had to go do something about this before it got any worse.


I was livid after been burgled my self I automatically feel like beating the shit out of any douche who robs someone or fucks with property. My friend can take care of him self but with this little turd living on my street i wasn't having it and put my foot down.

I told this kid to go and get a plank of wood and come fight me but told him i would be sending him home with it fully rammed up his ass. Half hour later his sister who is actually the OK one came and talked to me they got his sat nav back the little cunts sold it for a bag of weed, while im talking to this girl most of the family start springing out from no place and stand round me looking at me like im the one who is wrong. I was like "and?" Takes 9 of them to have an argument huh?

I was actually decent about it and told the kid who robbed it why are you fucking around if my friend reports you you'll be straight in prison cause your on supervision as it is. His sister agreed, seriously that punk could still be in prison.

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I dunno... I like to use the word "faggotry" to describe some of these people being depicted here. But that's only because it is a modern phrase with a specific meaning. Just like the word "troll" is used to describe certain behavior.


We're in that age where catch-phrases are booming, unfortunately. But i'm sure past generations have felt that way about words invented during their era's. Like when saying "radical" was considered cool to where it wasn't. And then it becomes cool again for some reason to say things like "AWESOME" or "thats wicked". It's just evolved into more outlandish slang like "awesomesauce" and "lawl", "I just tweeted." "Blog." I mean where did that word come from anyway?

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