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Madmab Edition Emus Teaser


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hello xbox fans, after 4 years of work with madmab ressurectionX, megaman(?), franckmorris, waal,wimpy bigby, all the team; the emus are finally out and the Xtras too!


I noticed some people still wondering what exactly they can expect for them, and especially how they work!

here is a video i made some months ago (i edited the annotations yesterday) to show you what exactly are the Xtras and how the new emus are working with them


just hope this little vid will help people to discover what i consider is the ultimate retrogamer museum dream!

the xbox IS the true virtual console


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of course

for now, you should check xbins every days as madmab started to put the emus on xbins

i also know a french website where you can grab the binaries:

gx mod


for the Xtras (video previews, boxarts, manuals, screenshots, tv commercials, gamefaqs, title shots, etc...);

you can find them all in Underground gamer website (use google) each system have its torrent


you should start to download the torrents, depending of the system you want, it can be long to download

in fact you are helping the xbox communauty if you start downloading the torrents now,

because you increase the torrents seeds when you are downloading the torrent

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I grabbed the lynx version, videos points to E: not my F: I managed to sort that out, But I cant get duel screens showing the boxart, 3d box art and stills for the games.


The commercials i guess only play from the util menu ...


Am I doing summat wrong?

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I haven't a clue how you have set your file system up but i hope to help you a little here.


The media (videos, boxart, titles, action shots etc) go in the media folder itself, now whether you choose to use the emulators internal media folders or external directories is up to you.


I put 3d Boxart in media\Artwork\Box Front, Titles in media\Artwork\Titles, xmv in media\Movies, etc etc etc.

If you have chosen a different directory or partition for your Media folder then the emulator will need configuring through the options to this directory.


Now a strange thing used to happen with these emulators and i don't know if it still does, so be aware that if you point the emulator to the media folder itself for artwork then it will know already to search for artwork/movie folders within the media directory. So when you set it all up don't be literal when setting up the directory options.


example - Don't set your screenshots directory to media\Artwork\Action, just point to the media folder and the emulator knows the rest. I think anyway, lol, its all a bit hazy now.


Hope this helps.

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Gilou I have a question for you.


I got the madmab neogenesisv24 and started using the skin, and I've got everything running w/ the 3 screen preview (box, video preview, and start screen). But I was wondering how do I see the commercials?


I have the commercials but how do I set it up to see the commercial in the video preview spot? Thanks!

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