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The Ressurection has begun....


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I had a few issues like philexile, but i too think its the emu or the emu skin or config...


GBA refused to boot after changing skin and skin config, other than that...


loving it ;)


thanks again for all the efforts

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Hey everyone. It's been about a month since i've even been here.


Just wondering if there were any problems finding what you needed and how it's working out for anyone who's tried them.



Having a hard time trying to get the mame xtras video pack, finally found it a while back then it got deleted so am trying to find that one again.


Really love the ressurectionxtras all the hard work went into making them.


Btw is there a amstrad xtra's pack?

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They are just edited WMV's from the Xtras packs with some cropping here and there. Meaning they have had to be re-encoded therefore degrading the quality, i would get the proper packs if i were you :P

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