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Original Xbox Homebrew Can Now Be Run On Your Jtaged 360!


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Big news.



with xbox homebrew now being able to play on the 360 i just wonder if we will get further updates of emulators.because the xbox1 emus are much more advanced than what is currently available for the 360.

and this could mean more xbmc uodates....keeps fingers crossed.

this could seriously benefit both 360 and xbox1 scenes.

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I was told only certain 360's could be Jtaged, but I'm not sure really...but I think this will for sure bring some attention back to those original EMU's.... as far as homebrew games though I think that aspect of the original Xbox is still dead in the water.

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Having a JTag eligible xbox is fairly restrictive.


You first must have a <= 7371 (mine is 7371 phew!!!) KERNEL (before june 2009 models, not live updated after august 11 )


secondly after checking your nand dump, you'll know if your CB will be compatible.


Compatible :


Xénon : 1888, 1902, 1903, 1920,1921

Zephyr : 4558

Falcon/Opus : 5761, 5766, 5770

Jasper : 6712, 6723



Non compatible :


Xenon : 1922, 1923, 1940

Zephyr : 4571, 4572, 4578, 4579

Falcon/Opus : 5771

Jasper : 6750

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That's pretty cool. It's a shame I do not have the mental capacity to perform hacks on my xbox. Just going to have to wait a little to get one the way I got my xbox.


I would love to see this as a higher horsepower xbox for more emulator options as well as HD media content.

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i just got this file...


i also have a xenon with 5xxx dash that i'm gonna jtag in a couple months.


i guess it's time to consider pushing my old xbox aside and just haven' my xbox 360 be my "all-in-one" console.

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i would really hope so, because this is very impressive. actually this is pretty much huge news (imao). this might be the motivation the scene needs to gain some support and find new workarounds for running this program, allowing more 360's to be able to do it. everything takes time though, so ill just sit here and be patient (actually, ill keep modding my original while i wait :( ). thanks for the update!

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But in reality things won't run better on Xbox 360 because its not programmed with its own SDK right?


the xbox1 emu is made by microsoft. it was leaked. it should run xbox1 games fine and xbox1 "homebrew" should work in theory. i read that not every xbox1 emu is working properly or at all, but this could help in development.


some of the emu's on the wii are just ports from the gamecube... so if they can do it why can't we?

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