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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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OK its testing is nearing completion at about 70 percent....


ill set up a vote for the release soon and how people want it.....or if people answer well enough here ill do it here....I will pick one or two ways to release only


it will be


1) Lite Build 4.5Gig (yes or no) This fits on a standard Drive (TESTED END TO END SD and HD)

2) Full Build 30 Gig (yes or no) This is full 2400 games with alot more console (TESTED END TO END SD and HD)

3) Fullish Build 25 Gig (yes or no) This is 2200 games same as above but not to many new console games all arcade execpt for some big titles missed (TESTED END TO END SD and HD)

4) Full Upgrade pack 10 Gig (yes or no) This upgrades the old EPIC build....runs alot of risk around builds mixing and errors but is smaller

4) Fullish Upgrade pack 5 Gig (yes or no) This upgrades the old EPIC build for mainly arcade games....runs alot of risk around builds mixing and errors but is smaller


Number 2 suits me fine as long a decent torrent is setup. I'll seed for a week once I get it too :)

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OK in this new release I wont be telling you new features...more the features it has....


it does have alot more arcade game support than last build...alot more console features than last build....alot of optomised games than last build....more GUI features.....its a collection of all the work before you have seen and more and polished.....its changed in everyway really....but just tweaked and polished......but with CoinOPS 2 you can be assured it has most features people want and most games they want running well....


it will work on all 64meg xboxs...but you can add 128meg stuff to it.....console stuff will be mandatory for a while due to other misinformation CoinOPS 2 will be in full build only and locked to that build or greater (you can remove a little but not much) till it is deemed to be in control....if your getting the pack then as is you can enjoy it straight out of the packet....


so soon will be CoinOPS 2 description ... it wont list new stuff but if you read the features and its not in your build then its new...but you can bet your bottom dollar alot of new games will be there you havent played in CoinOPS before and alot of great games will run better than before peace

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if you want to download coinops epic r9 emulator then you can get it at snesorama and emuparadise in the xbox sections on the forums over there.
Pfft r9? I've got the special r10 pre-release available today only! It has one trillion bug fixes! To get it you need to pm BP and get access to his super fast ftp server! :)


well its comments like above why there will be some hidden to most people locks in this build...thanks VanZan you have been a great help and its people like you that I do this for...everyone say thanks to VanZan hes helped you alot in a short time....anyway another xtras person and once again I see confused posts by you guys....dont worry you are not the only xtras person :) the ones left nearly all fall into this catagory....maybe I should respect this kind of misinformation and beleive its actually helpfull to people

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