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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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hey PS who will the first youtube video be with new skin...ill be able to tell


also what do people think of it holding previews till the list stops etc and smoothness of the new list scrolling stuff? what about the skin changes?? more color??? want color choices??



no comments???? as im expanding stuff at present for the full build

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I dont give a rats arse about you hosting it...if it has misinformation as it does at present....the lock remain...and will effect most of your users....and be targeted that way


Yeah, it will be hosted with the newest version, like you asked ... and will be updated regularly as you update the builds, also like you asked. So to answer your earlier question its Yes we will host the newest versions

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Thats fine...locks will stay and also might think of something nasty to do to xbox if madmab stuff is on there :P codewise....scan for save and fill the bio with 0s...just joking....but locks will stay on as said untill your guys stop misinformation or remove the links....if not ill build stuff in that effect xtras team the most...I have a few ideas and some cool ones at that...

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OK im gone for 2-3 weeks....its always the same around release

The xtras team cry like babies and so does +T+ dreaming of days when people thought they where good...well get back in the game babies...its the future and crying doesnt stop anything


(ill bet +T+ has to comment and ill have to think if I should get it axed...or even axe all the irrelivant stuff above)


questions where about to be asked about release packages eg everything...update to last one...both...lite build but ive lost the urge to do this stuff as the troll tend to come at this time always...(if you really have a preference let me know via pm)

note I dont release it that will be up to you but everything will be bought together soon...think if Dragons Lair should go in and also if the 128meg stuff should go in with a switch and then when I change the Romstatus over time they will show and work for 64meg users

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Rebranding to "CoinOPS 2"


CoinOPS 2 Showroom Lite....tested satis


NOTE - this will fit on a stock xbox drive and is updated to host the best gui and best of arcade games with a few of the best of arcade console games in there for luck...super mario world...sonic.....super mario 64...final fight 2...super ghost and goblins etc but its mainly the best arcade games....90 percent



CoinOPS 2 Showroom....test start tommorrow....about 6 times more games than the Lit one though and everything is test in sd and HD




ADDED DRIVER( DVD_DragonsLair2 )


ADDED LOADER( DVD_DragonsLairWalkThough ) auto plays though game from start to end for a nice look at the past and only add 100megs in CoinOPS 2 ShowROOM

ADDED LOADER( DVD_DragonsLair2WalkThough ) auto plays though game from start to end for a nice look at the past and only add 100megs

ADDED LOADER( DVD_SpaceAceWalkThough ) auto plays though game from start to end for a nice look at the past and only add 100megs in CoinOPS 2 ShowROOM

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Pics tommorrow.....


ive notice many more people jumping on to this project lately....wierd considering they are normally lined to people that tried to shut it down and ended up shutting themselves down....but still I guess its good to see

Pics soon and also info about release as its getting close


I will have to think about the release as the new people make support much harder as they are known to cause issues with not listening and not really understanding things yet trying to control the information...this is fine if its someone that doesnt seem to make mistacks to much aka fumanchu but others clearly dont and it ends up hurting the inocent and indirectly me at times...I still see rubbish that clearly isnt correct repeated cause people listened to people that are quick to try and take over...offering help and cant admit there shortcomings, or they dont know or worse sabatage.....so this may mean locks apply once again as they have twice in the past to get over the hump of misinforation and allow people to move forward with new ideas

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