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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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Okay. I've downloaded the CoinOPS Epic R6 binaries package, and FTPed it to my Xbox.


When I went to load it up, it went to a screen with the header "CoinOPS" displayed.


The problem? There's nothing else. No menu options, nothing... with or without MAME roms added to the "roms" folder.


If I press the left joystick down, start, or the A button, CoinOPS crashes, necessitating a reboot. The other controller inputs have no effect.

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thats cause when it scanned it found no mame files.....delete the save and add some roms....then reboot it

Okay, got it. But..., I'll probably try again with the new release instead.


Can someone tell me which version of the MAME rom-sets that the MAMEoX, and FBL cores use?

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Thanks for R7, works great. But i cant still enter "service mode" (to adjust difficult, rounds, time.....) when CPS2core is enebled. Is this function still in progress or i miss something?

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Hey BP! Just wanted to say thanks for the hardwork and coordination on this wonderful product. As others, I am attempting to achieve the full potential of Epic. In doing so, I had a couple quick questions for you.


1) How each disc image of PSX multidisc games in the "roms" folder to be named? Also, how to switch discs midgame?


2) Is ther a way to get CoinOPS to recognize multiple console\handheld folders. While I know you can direct it to one folder, hard drive limitations only allow for 2^12 items. If not, are ther any reasons why none of the search for roms (including arcades) are recursive? This would also apply to the video and screenshot directories as the 4096 item limitation can be reached pretty quickl by some.


3) Why is N64 separated out, and can its pointer file be in a designated console folder?


4) What are the limitations that prevent the program from loading XBox iso's using nkpatcher and attach.xbe?


5) When adding your own background tracks it seems as if you are limited to only 10 WMA files that must then be named exactly like the ones originally there as to overwrite them and "trick" CoinOPS into believing it is the same tracks. Is there any abilit to simply have it read from that directory and play any wma it finds in an assigned order (alphabetical, random, etc.)? Also, is there recommended settings for the wma to ensure fast playback. I have noticed when I add my own fils, there is a delay or some songs wont play on the 1st attempt resulting in no BGM at all.


6) Are there recommended settings for the video files? I converted a collection of wmv's with the -v command to remove the audio and reduce their size, and was unable to see them in the program.


I think that is all for now. Hopefully you can help me clear these things up.


Thanks again!

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