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FB Alpha Released!


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* Added a sample player to the Burn library to allow external samples to used with drivers [iq_132]

* Added a module to display LEDs on screen [iq_132]

* Ported MAME's M6805 core and added an interface for it to the burn library [iq_132]

* Added an interface to the M68705 core for Taito games [iq_132]

* Enabled the Y8950 emulation in fmopl.c and created a module for it in the burn library [barry]

* Fixed VSynch support in all blitters [Captain CPS-X]

* Added a RGB hex display to the Palette Viewer [barry]

* Added support to the System 16 FD1094 interface for multiple CPUs [barry]

* Added memory callback support to the HD6309 core interface [barry]

* Added custom tile size support to the Generic Tiles Rendering module [barry]

* Added generic rendering for games using transparency tables [iq_132]

* Added support to the Namco Sound module for stereo sound and fixed the mono output [iq_132]

* Added CUS30 handling to the Namco Sound module [iq_132]

* Enabled m6803_internal_register_r in the M6800 CPU core [iq_132]

* Added driver for Air Buster [iq_132]

* Added driver for games on Angel Kids hardware [iq_132]

* Added driver for Baraduke [iq_132]

* Added driver for Egg Hunt [iq_132]

* Added driver for Fairy Land Story [iq_132]

* Added driver for Ginga NinkyouDen [iq_132]

* Hooked up the Y8950 sound in Ginga NinkyouDen [barry]

* Added driver for games on Lady Bug hardware [iq_132]

* Added driver for Markham [iq_132]

* Added driver for Mogura Desse [iq_132]

* Added driver for Pushman [iq_132]

* Added driver for Sky Kid [iq_132]

* Added driver for Speed Spin [iq_132]

* Added driver for Asuka & Asuka and similar games on Taito hardware [iq_132 (thanks to JackC for testing)]

* Added driver for Welltris [iq_132]

* Added clone of 1942 to the 1942 driver [barry]

* Added clone of Arkanoid to the Arkanoid driver [barry]

* Enabled clones of Arkanoid that require the M68705 CPU [iq_132][

* Added bootleg of Final Fight to the CPS-1 driver [barry]

* Added clone of Pang 3 to the CPS-1 driver [barry]

* Added Street Fighter 2 (Double K.O. Turbo II) bootleg to the CPS-1 driver [iq_132]

* Added clone of Dark Stalkers to the CPS-2 driver [barry]

* Added clone of Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara to the CPS-2 driver [barry]

* Added clone of Hyper Street Fighter 2 to the CPS-2 driver [barry]

* Added clone of Mega Man 2 to the CPS-2 driver [barry]

* Added clone of Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo to the CPS-2 driver [barry]

* Rewrote the Dec0 driver from scratch (currently preliminary) [barry]

* Added Dark Tower to the Double Dragon driver [barry]

* Added clone of Moon Cresta to the Galaxian driver [barry]

* Added clone of Scramble to the Galaxian driver [barry]

* Added WOW New Fantasia to the Gals Panic driver [bisonSAS]

* Added clone of Ghosts n' Goblins to the Ghost's n' Goblins driver [barry]

* Added clone of X-Men to the Konami driver [barry]

* Added clone of Airwolf to the Kyugo driver [barry]

* Added clone of Last Duel to the Mad Gear driver [barry]

* Added clone of King of Fighters '95 to the Neo-Geo driver [iq_132]

* Added clone of Samurai Shodown II to the Neo-Geo driver [barry]

* Added clone of Samurai Shodown IV to the Neo-Geo driver [barry]

* Added Ironclad to the the Neo-Geo driver [iq_132]

* Added kof96ep, kof97pla, kf2k1pls, kf2k1pa, cthd2k3a, kf2k2plb, kf2k2plc, kf2k4pls, mslug5b, kof96cn, kof96ae, kof97cn, kof97xt, kof98ae and kf2k2ps2 to the Neo-Geo driver [barry]

* Added Popeye-Man to the Pacman driver [barry]

* Added preliminary driver for Rally X [barry]

* Added clone of Alien Syndrome to the Sega System 16B driver [barry]

* Added clone of Super Hang-On to the Sega Hang-On driver (enabled in debug builds only because it doesn't work) [barry]

* Added clone of Mega Blast to the Taito F2 driver [barry]

* Enabled clones of Tiger Heli that require the M68705 core [iq_132]

* Added Demon World, Fire Shark, Rally Bike, and Vimana to the Toaplan-1 driver [iq_132]

* Added Knuckle Bash 2 to the Toaplan-2 driver [iq_132]

* Added clone of Outzone to the Toaplan-1 driver [barry]

* PGM Changes [iq_132]

o 02-27-2010

+ Added kov2a and kov2b (kov2b is disabled) partially dumped sets

+ Thanks to JackC for helping sort a few sets.

o 12-05-2009

+ Added Happy6in1 (XingXing)

+ Added newer 68k bios (XingXing)

+ Added fake dip switch to switch beween 68k bios versions

+ Added kovsh103 (XingXing)

+ Added martmastc102 (XingXing)

+ Added region dips for martmastc102

+ Added proper dump for demon front (alt) (XingXing)

+ Added several pgm bootleg/hacks from MAME Plus

+ Added proper dump for orlegendc

+ Labeled region dips as "fake" as they are really hacks since PGM games usually have their regions supplied by the protection devices.

* Corrected the CPU clocks in the Outrun driver as per MAME 0.135u4 [barry]

* Fixed a memory issue when exiting the CPS-1 driver [iq_132]

* Fixed a crash when loading games in the Blood Bros. driver [bisonSAS and iq_132]

* Fixed graphics in My Angel 2 [iq_132]

* Emulated the M68705 in Legend of Kage rather than simulate it [iq_132]

* Added layer disable to the CPS-3 driver [iq_132]

* Fixed CPS-3 sound synch when using non-standard frame rates [Captain CPS-X]

* Fixed a romname in mslug4nd [kenshiro]

* Fixed init bug in Guardians in the Seta-2 driver [kenshiro]

* Added UniCode titles and fixed some details in the Cross Pang driver [bisonSAS]

* Fixed crash in the D-Con driver [bisonSAS and iq_132]

* Corrected dipswitches in the F-1 Grand Prix driver [bisonSAS

* Fixed graphics in Fantasia II (Less Explicit) in the Gals Panic driver [bisonSAS]

* Fixed crash in Ultra Balloon (SunA16 driver) [bruce Lee and iq_132]

* Various fixes in the Tao Taido driver [bisonSAS]

* Added a new support file importer module [Captain CPS-X]

* Added option to use a background image in the menu bar [Captain CPS-X]

* Updated the jukebox and improved Neo-Geo support [Captain CPS-X]

* Converted the driver list generation perl script to C++ and changed the documentation output to HTML [Captain CPS-X]

* Fixed an issue when loading tracklists in the jukebox [Captain CPS-X]

* Updated the megadrive driver to the latest one generated from the database on barryharris.me.uk [barry]

* Matched all sets to MAME 0.136u3 [barry]

* Updated libpng to version 1.4.0 [barry]

* Fixed a MSVC compile issue with the latest libpng [Captain CPS-X]


As always, it can be found here:



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