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Capcom to bring an old franchise back to life


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^I'm assuming Master Chief... uh isn't Gears of War Microsoft too? *scratch*


Sure, but Microsoft doesn't own the rights to Gears....Epic does. The only reason MS owns the rights to Halo, is because they own Bungie....or they DID, not sure how that works but I'd imagine MS retains the rights.

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Well... can't say i'm not shocked. I personally don't think a vs game between Capcom and Microsoft would be that interesting. Perhaps an RPG or something might bring something dynamic to western gamers.

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I'm pretty sure it was a joke...lol

Actually, it wasn't :yawntired:


Capcom x Microsoft is actually Monster Hunter Frontier and several exclusive 360 stuff for SSF4.

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The Gears of War characters are only on xbox 360. So it's more of a collaboration, bringing capcom titles to Xbox like Monster Hunter Frontier.

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