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My Blue Fire Arcade skin for Final Burn Legends


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Not for browsing through the romlist and seeing them "on the fly" (as with screenshots or videos), as far as i know.

They could be added to the rombrowser background picture though, but it would mean just one at a time (or a couple etc)

for each rombrowser background that you use.

How's your UnleashX skin going OOKAMI?

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How's your UnleashX skin going OOKAMI?


Little update about your question


I have finally find other arcade cab and use it





I have found a very good pics of new astro city

I just tried to have cab alone

I have tried to cut better as possible (I'm better for other thing lol !)

The arcade cab is original, I don't tried to touch it to make something better and for the moment, he look's like good :)


say me what you think about this :)

video soon !

Edited by OOKAMI
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Looks nice there OOKAMI, good work! :)


thanks, i'm noob for pics but strong and confirmed for ux editing lol

i have modified also the arcade cab to have the icon pic to the top of the screen :)


now i search good icon pics for emulators


a good coinops reignite in png format is also welcome :)

Edited by OOKAMI
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