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The what you did for New Years Eve thread, 2009


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I was asleep by 10:30.


Wish that was me.



Fighting a structure fire.


Backdraft its ass!


I did nothing this New Year's... I've been sick all week. :thumbsup:


new years is all bollocks anyway.

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went to a few underground venues in OAK-TOWN to see see a hip hop girl trio called HOT TUB then saw a really awesome rock duo called THE LOVEMAKERS



then got trashed and participated in some swinger sex.

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Jailbroke 2 ipods for my sister and niece. Then hosted one hell of a party. Had like 20 people over and enough booze to fill a battleship. Played Rock Band and Guitar Hero all night long. Don't remember going to bed at all. They said I knocked over the Wii off the fireplace mantle and it amazing still works after crashing to the hardwood floor. They said I spilled a beer on one of the guitar controllers as well and that even still works. We also played various drinking games like beer pong and Quarters. I just know when I woke up in the morning most everyone was still here sleeping in all the different bedrooms and all over the floor of the living room. Made a big breakfast for all. All in all one hell of a time just wish I could remember it all.

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