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anyone got a mouse to work with xbox emu/coinops/fbl


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Winuaex works fine with usb keyboard and mouse. Then I can start skinning on good old Deluxe Paint and thinking about releasing it in 2011. lol.


Not certain but I remember WinstonX has the same feature. I would check DosXbox and ScummVMM, too.


Oh by the way bulge2, regarding amiga I did this :



And released the related settings, too. PM me if you are interested.

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Has anyone used keyboard and mouse for Winston X (the atari ST emulator)


have modded an xbox for my friend just for this emu, he loves the ATARI ST it would be great to add mouse support for arkaniod etc.


has anyone tried this, did it work, do you have pics? Im specifically interested in Winston x don't forget peeps :P


Just to answer my own slightly off topic addition.....


it seems that mouse and keyb are supported in winston x, if plugged into ports 2,3,4 once the emu has loaded? at least thats what I read in an old thread.


I think especially keyboard support is important for Amiga emulators, impossible to play many games otherwise!

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right bit of an update - the trackball i bought off ebay didn't recognise at all and now wont light up <_<. it was optical underneath anyway so couldnt be used.


anyone know where i can get a cheapo usb ball mouse in the UK?

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right ok - another question


can i wire in a ps/2 mouse? i see that some of them can be used as usb with an adapter - can i hardwire one with usb support?

Don't know if this helps you or not - but I have a usb keyboard and (optical) mouse for my good old Xbox and when I bought it I was advised by a much more computer literate friend to buy the cheapest one of each, as these DON'T require extra drivers etc (I think he was refering to PC here) and thus making them compatible with Xbox...

I subsequently followed this advice and bought a Trust branded mouse (from Wilkinsons) for about £5 and an ASDA smartprice keyboard for about £8, and both work perfectly.


Hope this might be of some use to you? :P

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ditto, im in the UK. I got a cheap optical mouse from Wilko's and an expensive Midi keyboard (£30). They both work fine on the xbox. They are both USB. Dont bother trying to re-wire ps2 mice or keyboards only USB can be re-wired.

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right ive now tried 2 different usb mice and had no luck at all - the wires are the same colour so cant of got them wrong. also have used a proper working ms pad lead.


i think im going to give up now - shame as i have a working trackball here and would have been a nice addition.


p.s do you usb mice show up on the pad test screen in fba xxx?

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While the wires are colour coded and you've wired them correctly.

Not all manufaturers (not necessary what brand written on the device) use the same colour coding.

Twist the wires securely and don't solder till you have it right.

Stick to cheap devices then no additional drivers are required.

If you can still get hold of a USB to Xbox connector then thats even easier.

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