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New Xbox Mame


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I agree and keep the source locked <_< for sure


I agree new games not emulated on xbox shouldnt be inserted what a total waste of time....... why do people even dump them its just new stuff patched into mame


you guys allready know the truth about stuff theres no reason to explain anything you are telling me how it went down :lol: I love that...and you really believe you know thats the more amusing bit

I should listen to you guys more often its fantastic....better than the movies :D

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Happy new year <_<


For my part, i think BP make a great work with others to make us a great mame experiance on xbox ... and love CoinOPS :lol:

It is quick, easy to use, and beautifull with videos :D


But it is real it has not full options ...

If some news guy can make a new mame to use all the last romset, with many more games, optimised for xbox with beautifull menu.

With video, screenshoit, cabinet, flyers, cheats codes, history, ... it will be the best :)

I'm ok for this project lol



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Stupid move whats next adding all the other emulators and homebrew into CoinOps, I would think the only people that like this are the ones who own arcade cabs and could load up everything up in 1 go...Ill be gettin Showcase 2 but w/out the patch I have FBL for that...as far as a NEW MAME didnt Nes joke about doing this out of spite..would be cool to this come to life though.


B.P - the Final Fight hack + more drivers + games thats the right direction...Killer Instinct add'd in pretty gay.... <_<

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I dont think you will see a new MAME with updated core on Xbox. The problem as been pointed about before is the newer cores are more resource intensive and the Xbox is already at its limit now. As far as suggesting taking an open source software like MAME and releasing a modified version as closed source because you want to keep the improvements to yourself or you dont want anyone using your code, you are nothing but a leecher. The whole purpose of open source is having software that anybody can use, create, modify, build upon and do whatever with. If you dont agree with the principals of open source software then dont use it. Create your own from scratch and do with it what you wish. You may have put many hours in to your creation but that is only a fraction overall of what others have done.


The reason there is so much done on the Xbox is because most of that software has been open source that could be picked up, modified, added to and improved by anybody. Had everyone said lets make this closed source, you wouldnt have half of what you do on the Xbox. If you want to know what really kills the scene, its leechers that want to use someone elses software but dont want to share what they have contributed even when the stipulation from the very beginning is if they use the open source software they have to release their code so others can use it for their project.

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